Wednesday, July 29, 2009


O hai!

(Please to excuse my rough mani! Explanation below.)

I'm D (Pifflove on MUA). I'm pretty new to polish (I started collecting only about a year ago) but I am pumped about being a part of this lovely blog!

What types of posts can you expect from me? 3 things:
  1. Application issues -- Other than great pics, my favorite part of other nail blogs is when ppl talk about the formula.
  2. Color-complimenting (and clashing) -- As you may have noticed, I am black. It is really great to see plenty of multi-racial representation in the world of nail polish blogs! I know a problem for all of us (white, black, brown, red, or purple!) is finding colors that work with our skin tone. I'm NC-42* and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out if I am warm toned or cool toned. Silver looks way better on me than gold, but boy does primary blue make me look awful!
  3. Off the beaten path polishes -- Every once in a while, I want to feature random beauty shop brands. And Bruccis (a brand heavily stocked at Duane Reade pharmacies here in NY)!!! <3
I know that I have certain styles of polish photos that I prefer. So let me know if there's some angle or close up you'd rather see!

Now why would I post a photo of my nails looking rather hagard? About 4 hours ago, I finished taking the NY Bar. It was an exam I spent all summer prepping for and I am glad it is OVER.

I'm a stress and boredom biter so I was pretty concerned about how my nails would hold up throughout this past (very unpleasant) week. I also knew I would have to type a lot and long nails slow me down. So I decided to just chop em off on Friday. I had achieved reasonable length but it was a surprisingly liberating experience!!! I love my shorties! Plus there was NO biting over both exam days, there was nothing to bite!

Initially I was going to go w/ Essie's Marshmellow for my color. I love white this summer! But for me, it peels after about 36 hours and I needed something to hold on a little longer. I decided to go with China Glaze's FYI. It was a nice toned down color that wouldn't drive me nuts when it inevitably chipped but it still had lots of fun to it on account of the holo. I painted those nails Sunday morning. While I didn't BITE, I did have my nails in my mouth (lol!!) for 2 days straight. So, I'm pretty impressed with the hold. Love the formula on the China Glaze OMG collection! Smooth application, no more than 2 coats, dries hella fast. Plus, I know a lot of folks on MUA complain about it peeling or chipping away quickly, but this held up reasonably well!

NOW - I find out if I passed this horrible exam in November, THREE torturous months from now. If I do pass, FYI will achieve godlike status in my polish collection. If not, I vow to smash the bottle on the ground outside my apartment. I'm reasonable like that.

As a reward for my painful experience, I plan on running around NYC tomorrow buying up no more than mumblemumble dollars worth of polish! Expect the haul post to end all haul posts.

*Actually I have no idea if that's my color. That's just the concealer the chicks at MAC gave me so I assume that's me!

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Anonymous said...

How cool! I have added your blog to mine blogroll. Welcome to the world of polish blogs! :)


D:) said...

Awesome! Thanks a ton :)

Kim said...

I read somewhere once that your choice in jewelry tells you what your skintone probably is. If you wear lots of gold you are a warm and if you were silver you are a cool. Silly idea but think about it..

I wear whatever I happen to like and decide it I like the way it looks not because someone told me I should be wearing it. ( I wear wild colors of nail polish too, but we won't go there lol)

Mother of all what colors you should be wearing is a author by the name of Carole Jackson. Her books are Color Me Beautiful..
You might want to check out of her books out and see if it helps you decide.
Great blog idea having what 6 of you writing? Have fun and welcome to the world of blogging!!

flinty said...

Huh, I wear two gold rings regularly -- they never come off -- but if I'm choosing jewelry to wear, I wear silver. (I'm Asian-American and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty far into the warm side of the skintone.) Maybe I'm just mixed up; it would make a lot of sense. ;)

Thanks for the welcome! And yes, there are six of us blogging about our ever-growing collection of our combined 1400 nail polishes!

Adrienne said...

ohh! I hope you did well on the bar. I know two people (not personally) that have passed it, so it IS possible lol

And I can't wait to see your haul!!!!!! YOu most DEFINITELy deserve it :)

sapphire_star said...

Your nails look amazing!

I'm almost the same skin tone as you and I think I'm cool colored. I wear a lot of silver jewelry and I usually like dark makeup.

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