Friday, August 21, 2009

BB Couture Swatches 1

I got 12 polishes w/ my BB Couture promo order. The first 6 swatches are of the lighter colors.

We've all seen these shades multiple times, so I'll just run through them quickly from least favorite to favorite.

Laguna Lagoon.

Boy o boy did I hate this color. It comes out a bit darker than in the bottle, it's chalky as hell, and is very unforgiving. Not a fan. 3 coats.

Venice Party.

This one is just a question of taste. This soft purple w/ multicolored glitter has a blue flash and a bit of a pearly finish. Generally, flashes of any kind are an automatic polish ruiner for me. I just don't like them. Also, w/out a top coat the polish is quite gritty as you can see. 3 coats.


I'm a sucker for a milky sheer and am basically unmoved by the general annoyances that such a finish presents. It's just worth it to me. Kokomo turned out to have a bit better color coverage than Electric Avenue did. It also dried much better. 4 coats and I hit bottle color (although there was still much VNL).

Dragon's Breath.

Wowie wow wow. I did not expect to like this one as much as I did. It's a beautiful berry red jelly w/ red, silver, and blue glitter. I like this one very much. 3 coats.

Electric Avenue.

Ahhhh one of my first major lemmings. I had been wanting this for a long time and was stalking MUA swaps trying to find somebody that would swap w/ me. Fortunately, I got my hands on a bottle and it almost hit my expectations. It definitely fell short however. The reason why I love milky sheers so much is that they are generally work appropriate. No matter what the color, I feel like I can get away w/ it. Electric Avenue is definitely such a color. It's a green-y blue (in fact, I bet that if the color richness was dialed all the way up, it would be a turquoise) that is subtle enough to not look unprofessional. Problems? First - Dry time. I left it on for almost an hour and it still was not particularly dry. I tried to do things around the apartment w/ it and it was dinged and scratched to hell. Second - Color concentration. I've said this a million times, but I don't mind VNL. However, after 4 coats, I do expect to achieve bottle color. This was not the case as my nails were still significantly lighter than the bottle. Still I love it, and expect w/ a good top coat (which is part of my standard mani routine) the drying will not be a huge inconvenience. 4 coats.

Moon Over Manhattan.

I'm shocked! I threw this one in at the last minute. The color is wonderfully flattering and applied quite smoothly. I have to say, I've been a bit disappointed by the BB Couture application. The colors are sensational, but application has been streaky and sticky. This one was the first very positive application I experienced w/ these BBs. It was shiny and the very fine glitter finish is great. How lucky am I that I picked this one up? And get this... 2 coats!

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mKat said...

I can definitely see why Moon Over Manhattan was your favourite. It's gorgeous! Definitely suits your skintone.

I think, however, I'd prefer Dragon's Breath over Electric Avenue. I like the complexity of DB more than the sheer, milkiness of EA.

Adrienne said...

moon over manhattan. *swooooooooon*

D:) said...

I'm so pleased w/ MoM.

mKat - Ya I'm just a sucker for a milky sheer. They're my fav. I can see how most ppl would prefer DB.

xfoxglove said...

OMG Moon Over Manhattan is crazy gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Now I'm not a big fan of the milky sheers! We are all so different. Now I love Laguna Lagoon on you. I own that, Moon Over Manhattan, Dragon's Breath and Venice Party. I love BB Couture Polish. Especially their greens. I guess you don't like duochromes?

D:) said...

Lucy - I only own one duochrome (which I bought about a week ago) and only a 2-3 polishes w/ flashes one of which is up for swap on MUA and I would otherwise love it but for the flash.

BB couture has some really great greens! For whatever reason, the forrest green polish movement just does not speak to me. However, I wouldn't turn down RBL's Recycle, Illamasqua's Rampage, or Nars' Zulu if they were offered to me!

Strangely enough, however, the only polish I actually liked from Nubar's Green collection was the duochrome!

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