Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BB Couture Swatches 2

This is Part 2 of my BB Couture haul. This second half is comprised of 6 dark colors. Overall the application and formula that came w/ the darker colors was so much nicer. Most were 2 coaters, applied nicely, and dried well. Again, they are ordered from least favorite to favorite.

Spellbound & Obsession. 2 coats each.

Are you friends w/ any identical twins? You know how they can look the exact same unless you know them well and then you pick up a few characteristics here or there that you can use to tell them apart? Maybe a crooked ear, a nicer jaw line, slightly darker hair, one's a little shorter, one has creepy eyes, etc etc. That's basically what we're dealing w/ here. Both are vamps. Both have subtle shimmer.

In the bottle they look different. Spellbound is clearly plum based whereas Obsession has more of a red wine thing happening. When I applied that first layer you could really see the difference. However, upon second coat they became virtually identical. They both darkened up and were nice and vampy. Also, in certain lighting they looked close to black.

I listed these as least favorite because there is nothing particularly original about them. I have a couple just like Spellbound in my possession already. They're both lovely vamps than aren't going to give you any trouble in terms of application.

Which one you get depends on your coloring, if you have warm based tones, go for Obsession. Cool based tones should go for Spellbound. B/c of this, I prefer Obsession. I generally find red wine vamps look just a bit better on me than plum ones. I'll probably swap Spellbound. However, I'm holding onto Obsession b/c I didn't have a red wine vamp w/ shimmer in my collection.

Maleficent Magenta. 2 coats. (Real life color is a bit more purple.)

Again applied well and was even after 1 thin coat and a second slightly thicker coat (my general polish application MO). Nothing wrong w/ this color, a deep purple w/ shimmer. It's just a little blah to me. I think I would have liked it a whole lot more if it were just a creme.

Midnight desire. 2 coats.

Oooh this one was scawwwwy. The flash from the camera shows off the shimmer but it also lies and gives this one a bit more life than it has in reality. In the bottle this color is breathtaking. A blackened purple w/ PINK shimmer throughout. On the nail it's a bit less interesting. The first coat tells you what you're dealing w/ this. This polish is not purple at all. In fact it has a dark blue base. But as you layer on the second coat, the shimmer builds and turns the polish more purple. This is also pretty much the closest polish I have to black other than black/charcoal. It is really dark. The only word I can use to describe this interesting fellow: Goth. This is definitely gothy. All Hallows' Eve, here I come!!

Balboa Beach Bunny. 3 coats.

A purple jelly base (w/ a bit of shimmer) w/ red, blue, and silver glitter. This one is clearly the sibling to Dragon's Breath (dark red jelly w/ same glitter). I like it, not as much as Dragon's Breath, however. Older bottles of this polish had bar glitter as well. Sadly this one didn't at all. A disappointment. But I'm still buyin' what this bunny's sellin'.

Erotic Night. 3 coats.

God I love a jelly. Look see? No shimmer, glitter, anything sparkly to be seen, and it's my fav. This is a great color and something I don't have in my collection. A dark red that isn't vampy (it has a pink-y base to it). It's really sexy. However, this one had the worst application of this bunch. You definitely need 3 coats to get it even. And there was still some cuticle drag. Still, I love and I will wear it many times.

So there we have it. This half applied much better, but there were fewer colors I imagine I will be wearing frequently.

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Anonymous said...

In your pic, Midnight Desire looks a lot like NYC West Village ('cept NYC sells for around $1.99).

Anonymous said...

Very nice polishes. You really do need to shape your nails but the polishes are beautiful.

D:) said...

A1 - Probably! But I haven't seen it in person, nor have I seen enough shots of it online to confirm if that's true.

A2 - Teach me, teach me!

Lucy said...

I love this brand of polish. I have some of the ones you've shown. I love all the colors. I can't even think of a color I don't love. Well maybe the very light beige's. I'm also not a fan of sheers either.

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