Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gray and Purple

When doing a mani, I am incapable of using just one color. Unless I'm doing a nude mani (i.e. going for understated), I am a chronic skittler.

My mani today has 5 different polishes all shades of light purple (my favorite nail polish color on earth) and gray.

Thumb - Jade's Serenity

This one is my least favorite on my mani. It's quite pink and unexpectedly frosty. Also the brush was all frayed and gross. Color me displeased.
3 coats.

Index - CM's Lunar Plains

I saw this on Flinty spam post on MUA and I said, "I MUST HAVE."
Notice the subtle shimmer! Lovely.
3 coats.

Middle - OPI's Done Out in Deco

I'm strangely underwhelmed. I think it's cause I wasn't crazy about the application. It was a touch thick for my liking. It wasn't horrible, but I expect better from OPI. However, I like this color better than CG's Agent Lavender.
2 coats.

Ring - CG's Recycle

Ugh - am I the only one that is consistently pleased w/ China Glaze's application? My god.
2 coats, smooth as butter.

Pinky - Jade's Thinking of you

Another sneaky frosty. The application however is quite superior to Serenity.
3 coats.

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xfoxglove said...

Recycle is one of my favorites, too! :)

Cali369 said...

I'm semi-skittling today - 9 are Models Own Moody Grey and my left index has two coats of Models Own Disco Mix (a pink and blue glitter). I'm surprised how much I'v enjoyed the contrast today

clockwork said...

I like Recycle a lot, really a pretty grey.

flinty said...

I LOVE China Glaze. Whenever I spend any amount of time not using them, when I start using them again, I wonder why I don't just throw out all of my other polishes. And I'm glad you like Lunar Plains! CM (same company as LeChat Dare to Wear) definitely has a few clunkers but for the most part, I've been pleasantly surprised with their polishes.

D:) said...

Cali - Skittling is the way to go! If you're a frequent skittler, that "box of untrieds" is almost empty.

Xfox & Clock - I'm a big fan of this one. It's going to be worn a LOT.

Flint - Totally! Also I suspect that Jade/CM/Sation are all the same company right? I mean the bottle is the exact same etc etc.

Adrienne said...

lunar plains is really pretty! it's actually been on my to buy list for sooooooooo long

Anonymous said...

is CM three free?

D:) said...

Adrienne - Get it! It's like 2 bucks. It's quite a lovely gray.

Anon - Maybe? Almost? The bottle explicitly says that it is Formaldehyde and Toluene free but it doesn't mention DBP. But the ingredients list doesn't include DBP. So maybe it is!

Duffi McDermott said...

I'm with you on China Glaze. I've threatened to throw out everything else and just use it. OPI is vastly inferior (imho). How does the CM apply?

loving the blog, btw.

D:) said...

Thanks! We're all working hard on it.

CM application is not perfect, it's a little sticky and I needed 3 coats to smooth it out. While some ppl auto do three coats, I do auto 2 coats unless 3 is absolutely necessary (I have no problem w/ VNL). You need three for it all to be even.

flinty said...

Personally,. I generally like CM application (I've tried about 14 of them?). They aren't that sticky for me and they start out a bit sheer but build up to good color in three coats. (I'm an automatic three-coat person; four if necessary.)

misssphinx said...

Polish or Perish ladies,

Do you have any advice on where to find that gorgeous CM polish? I've been Googling like mad and I can't find any leads on the interwebs. I keep looking at that beautiful Lunar Plains, and wishing I had it!

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