Saturday, August 29, 2009

Inglot's 852

3 coats.
Applied well. Dried quickly.
This is a black jelly with purple shimmer. There is a subtle multicolored shimmer as well.
The black jelly is predominant w/ first few coats. However, it purples up as the shimmer builds.

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Lucy said...

I like this shade with the purple shimmer. Very pretty on you. I've never seen this brand.

D:) said...

Thanks! It's a new store in NY that opened up. They have a ton of great shades including lots of "mattes" (which I would call "satins").

Click the "Inglot" tag. There are a few other colors pictured on this blog.

mKat said...

This colour is gorgeous against your skin... Great choice!

D:) said...

mKat - thanks!

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