Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inglot's 806, 709, and 710 & Color Club's Fast Woman

I had a great time visiting Inglot on Thursday. I picked up 3 colors, 2 of which were mattes. I haven't actually worn any of these as NOTDs yet so I can't comment on staying power but I've swatched all three.

806 (& Color Club's Fast Woman on middle finger only).

(No top coat! Shiny shiny.)

Like gold, I am forever searching for a red creme that looks good on me. Too many that appeal to me are blue based and they look awful against my skin. In fact, I asked the woman that was helping me, a makeup artist, whether or not I was warm or cool toned and I explained that I was totally flummoxed b/c primary blue looks god awful on me but silver looks way better than gold. She laughed and said, "You are definitely warm toned. You have a lot of yellow in your skin. The silver/gold thing is not a universal rule." So mystery solved.

Anyway, she recommended this red to me and boy was she wrong.**** The camera is lying, the red looks harsh and makes my skin kind of jaundiced looking. Not quite as bad as Essie's Jelly Apple. But I would feel pretty weird wearing it. I think I'll actually attempt it as a mani one of these days to confirm that feeling before I put it up for swap.

I had also recently acquired Fast Woman and thought they looked reasonably similar in the bottles. Fast Woman is definitely more my color and significantly darker on the nail.

Application: Both are jelly finishes w/ 806 requiring 4 coats and Fast Woman requiring 3. Dry time for the Inglot was a bit quicker. Both applied quite evenly.

709 (top coat on index and middle fingers)

(Please forgive the crop. My whereabouts would be kind of ascertainable if I included the full pic.)

Ahhhh 709, pretty pretty 709. First my camera is lame, I tried very hard to get this to be color accurate inside on top of my white paper but no dice. So I took to my fire escape. Sunlight photos will be a very rare occurrence for me for a few reasons. First, NYC has decided to become Seattle and rain all damn summer. Seriously, it's raining right now. Second, my apartment only gets direct sunlight for about ohhhh 2 hours starting at 7am. Third, my only access outside (other than through the front door, and sorry I like nail blogging but not enough to walk down 5 flights) is through my rickety fire escape.

Even still the photo isn't quite accurate. The reality is sort of bluey purple and not quite so gray-ed out. It's close enough though.

Notice the finish. This is one of the mattes. All the mattes I saw in person at Inglot (the sales lady swatched about 6 or 7) had this satin-y finish. So for those of you looking for chalky, you wont find it here.

Application: This was 2 coats. It dried quite quickly. This color is a keeper!

710 (top coat on middle and index finger)

Lolol how mad was I at this polish. I swear, in the store I thought it was going to be the most beautiful deep, dark, creme purple on the planet. No dice.

Instead I get a really almost equally stunning navy blue. I'm not a dark blue girl but this one will get worn. As you can see it is almost black but this is a quality that doesn't bother me in the slightest. It is so rich.

Application: Not as good as 709. This took three coats and took much longer to dry.

****UPDATE (a few days after the orig post) - Ya I was way off on 806. I'm wearing it as a mani and it looks alright against my skin tone. It's not SO bad. What brought me around: It is the exact color of blood. I love that.

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Annelie said...

I come to think of OPI's "vodka and caviar", because I see it as orange even if it clearly is a bright red..

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