Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My BB's arrived!

OK now THAT was the fastest shipping EVER.

Huge props to Overall Beauty. I ordered my BB Coutures on Saturday. I got them Wednesday afternoon (w/ a cheerful shipping notice from Kim, the owner, Monday night).

I mean, I didn't even have enough time to get excited for them!

I decided to not post haul pics but instead point to an interesting change of the BB Couture bottle.

(Electric Avenue on left, Top Rock Top Coat on right.)

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is not an optical illusion. The bottle on the right is not sitting closer to the camera than the bottle on the left. They are right next to each other.

Whenever I read posts about BB Couture in the past, people would rave about the size of the bottle. You get so much polish! 0.6 oz is a ton of polish, more than I would ever need unless it was an all time fave.

Looks like BB Couture has downsized the bottle to the more standard 0.5.

I ordered 12 different colors and they ALL came in that size. I'd be curious to know if anyone got any of the older, larger bottles when ordering from the Overall Beauty promo from this past weekend.

It goes w/out saying that swatches are coming.

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The Asian Girl said...

Yup, you're right...I just checked my BB Coutures from a sale maybe 2-3 months ago and they're all 0.6.

D:) said...

They switched them over quick!

Lucy said...

I did notice the change. Raised the price also. I still love them.

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