Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sally Girl's It's So Me (and a BB Couture promo)

I've returned from my vacation to DC to an angry professor. I got a fellowship position w/ my law school. It's something to do while I wait for my job to start in January. I promised him, back in June, that I would be available to start pretty much as soon as I took the bar. That was 2 weeks ago. Whoops hehe. Ah well, he needs me and he knows it. I'm also pretty psyched b/c I got a "space" at the law school. I was always so jealous of those folks that had their nameplate attached to some idyllic spot in the library. They were forever empty. Now I'm gonna get one! Lame, I know. But I takes my joys where I finds them.

I also returned from DC w/ tons of bug bites! Ugh yet another reason to hate that city (sorry, DC folks, but it just ain't my town).

However, I did force my DC friend to drive me to Silver Springs and take me to Sally's. I have NEVER been to Sally's before! I got more bobby pins than I will ever need and 2 Sally girl colors.

They are so cute and only 99 cents! Lucky me. I have found myself wishing countless times that all my nail polish bottles were mini bottles. I know I'm never gonna use all the polish I have. If they were all minis I wouldn't feel like I was wasting and my habit would be at least half the cost!

I got "Your Majesty" which is already covered on this blog by Flinty. Although, I wasn't as crazy about the application of this polish as her.

I also picked up "It's So Me". I'm not usually a duochrome person but this one called to me. Blue and green edges w/ a purple center. How could I not for 99 damn pennies.

First, I LOVE the brush on these little guys. I had almost flawless application w/ them. They form a nice curve when you press them against your nail and they are slightly flat. IMO, great.

(First finger = 2 coats, Second finger = 5 coats, 3rd finger = 3 coats)

As expected the application was quite sheer (but really really smooth!!). I did different coats on each finger so you could see the difference. I'm probably one of the few polish obsessed girls that doesn't care about VNL and so I was going to stop at 4 (which is generally my absolute limit) but I thought, "What the hell, it's one finger." So there you go, ladies. The center finger is 5 coats and STILL there is VNL.

Unsurprisingly, the duochrome isn't as obvious on the nail. But I'm not disappointed by it. It still delivers.

(Greeny-blue duochrome-y goodness. The bumps you see are bumps on my nail, ravaged from a soul-destroying Color Club glitter.)

Keep in mind. Not only is this a duochrome, it is a purple one at that. Thus it is basically impossible to photograph correctly. Plus, I don't have good access to sunlight, um ever. So sorry for the subpar photos.

Overall Beauty's BB Couture Promo!!!

I, luckily, am a subscriber to the Overall Beauty newsletter. So I got to participate in the newsletter promo happening today. I hit the maximum limit and am expecting 12 BBs on my doorstep. I am BESIDE myself w/ excitement. These are my first BBs ever and I've had my eye on a bunch of them for quite some time (especially Electric Ave!!! I will be swatching this first!). I'll post haul pics when they arrive.

Overall Beauty isn't ignoring the non-subscribers however. Starting tomorrow (I believe 12:01 am Sunday morning) non-subs will be able to:
  • Pick up 3 BB Coutures and get 1 free (basically 25% off)
  • Get free shipping if you order more than $60
  • Get up to FOUR (4) free polishes if you mention this blog (otherwise limit of 3)
  • Get a free quick dry or long lasting top coat (your choice) w/ the purchase of any 6 polishes
It's a little confusing how you do this since there isn't a promo code or anything. Let's say you want 2 free polishes. Put 6 polishes into your Cart and then upon checkout, enter the names of 2 additional polishes that you want for free in the comments section of the order.

This promo only goes until 11:59 pm Sunday.

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Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

Yippee for mini's, This is what I've been say'in!!!!
I also really liked that Sally mini Brush.

D:) said...

Mini bottles all the way. I wish I could find some for frankening.

Lucy said...

I am another who isn't bothered by VNL. I'm just not that crazy about very light sheers. I'm also not bothered by brush strokes. I sort of like them. Strange buy true! There isn't any code to use. You do exactly as you posted. Add your free ones in the comments.

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