Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kleancolor's Beach Blue and Starry Purple

(Swatches of the first 2 are coming along in another post. I had a mini-haul on Friday.)

My local beauty supply shop is awesome and has the new Kleancolor display that was featured on ALU a couple months ago!

It had tons of neons (I mean EVERY SHADE) and lots of really dazzling glitters (at least half a dozen). It, of course, had the requisite row of reds and browns. All in all a great little display - something for everyone!

I didn't even notice how much they were charging - I think it was $1.50 a pop.

I think the bottle shape is very cute!

(Beach Blue - 3 coats; pinky 1 coat)

As I was applying this, I was convinced it was a neon; it was just so bright on the nail. BUT it dried totally glossy! This swatch has no top coat! Ahhhh neon jellies, you are wonderful. Then when I tried to photograph, I KNEW it was a neon. Impossible to capture. This is a neon-turquoise, so make that swatch there just a bit greener in your mind.

(Starry Purple - 1 coat index; 1 coat over black middle and pinky; 2 coats over black ring)

Buoyed by my recent glitter mani success, I picked this up b/c it was just too pretty in the bottle. They had a variety of these glitters, along w/ some multicolor moons and stars. All were lovely. This one came home w/ me.

As you can see, this magenta glitter is incredibly sparse.

This is a close up of 2 coats. There are 3 sizes of glitter and even the tiny glitter is little hexagons!

  • Will these get worn? Neon - sure, once in a while. Glitter - ehhhh probably not, but it's cute.
  • Application? Neon - great, super-smooth jelly that's opaque in 3 coats. Glitter - annoying, really sparse, you have to fish for the big hexes. You end up w/ these super thick coats of that gel they use for glitter, just to get a few pieces.
  • Dry time? Slow. Both are wonderfully glossy, but you need a quick dry top coat so you can get on w/ your life.
  • Brush? Flat and wide, which I like. Fans out well. But it's too blunt, it was hard to get close to the cuticle.
  • Black? That's SH Xtreme Wear Black Out. That bottle is 2 years old and I literally have not worn plain black in all this time. It is great! A nice re-find.

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thriszha said...

wow!! those were nice.. i love the blue one.. ohhh.. i have a klean nail lacquer but i havent try them u know where klean polish made from?

D:) said...

I believe they are a US brand. But god knows where they actually make the polish.

Lucy said...

I just got the CoverGirl glitter topcoats yesterday. They have much more glitter than that. Still I tried to layer more on. It's a pretty bright color. I won't have to worry about getting these.

D:) said...

Lucy - No you don't Building opacity w/ these would be impossible.

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