Friday, September 18, 2009

L'Oreal Star Magnet in Prune

(3 days wear.)

I love these things!

Somebody on MUA vouched for, what seems like, the only seller of these babies on the Internet. I've been wanting these a while, so that was enough for me! I went to his website and got every color he had - Red, Purple (which is more like dark pink), Grey (which has a strong pink flash in the bottle), and Prune. This is the first one I tried.

The wear is decent. This is after 3 days. There is some obvious tipwear, but I've had worse. The application is pretty good! It's fairly opaque in one coat. I did what Flinty suggested and painted a solid color underneath, so I only needed one coat of this stuff.

I also finally got my hands on Essie's Matte About You. Cool either way!

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flinty said...

That looks great for 3 days. For me anyway. And I kind of prefer it that way because then I have an excuse to do my nails. ;)

Lucy said...

Gorgeous. Wish I had one or two or three! Looks lovely on you. The star is amazing. Why aren't they available here?

D:) said...

Flint - I'm quite impressed w/ the hold.

Lucy - They are really quite cool. I think they've been discontinued but I live in NYC and I encourage anybody in US to buy from that guy even though he's in UK. The shipping was extremely reasonable and they came here as fast as any standard e-tailer shipment!

krisprimps said...

I just ordered them! Thanks for the link. :)

D:) said...

Kris - so excited for ya!

Erika said...

Oo I ordered from that site too and mine just got here! I'm so excited to try my Star Magnet. I was worried it wouldn't arrive safely because the shipping was so ridiculously cheap, but everything was fine.

rijaH said...

Seems like its a really strong polish when it can look this good after 3 days :D Amazing :)

jaljen said...

Dear PorP,
I hope you don't mind but I have used your Prune photo on ebay to sell my Magnetic Prune. I have credited your blog in the text.


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