Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matte Comparison OPI Suede v. Zoya Matte Velvet

(Flash! Loredana on pinky and middle; Suzi Skis on ring and index)

(No flash! Loredana on pinky and middle; Suzi Skis on ring and index)

Hey folks! The wonderful DayDream222 already featured OPI's Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede. But it's a nice enough polish that I thought I'd cover it as well.

(NB - I have edited this post and changed the photo. I was seriously displeased w/ the original swatch/photo.)

OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede
  • Depending on how you load your brush 1-2 coats needed. (I need 2.)
  • Coarser shimmer
  • Dries crazy fast
  • Hard to remove
  • More matte
  • NOTE: My favorite OPI suede is LPAD
Zoya Loredana Matte
  • 3 coats needed - thin formula (which works better w/ the Zoya brush)
  • Fine, slightly blue shimmer
  • Dries quite slowly for a matte, it's been 20 minutes and it's still very dentable (the OPI is bone dry). Also, notice the gash in my middle finger. That happened w/in 3-4 minutes of doing the swatch, as I was getting out my camera. But I did the same thing to the OPI ring finger and it escaped completely unharmed.
  • Easier to remove
  • Satin finish, rather than matte (imo)
  • NOTE: This is my favorite of the Zoya mattes simply b/c it is by far the easiest to work w/. The Zoya brush is great for regular polishes. It's thin and flexible, but fans out well. However, matte polishes are much thicker and heavier, and I found that when I try to apply Posh or Dovima - the brush turns into a gloppy sticky mess. It doesn't stand up well to the heavy polish. OPI's stiff brushes are perfect for such a heavy polish.

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