Monday, September 28, 2009

Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud and Borghese's Ecstasi Indigo

As I mentioned I had a great mini-haul on Friday.

Actually - I had a great day on Friday in general. In the morning I caught the ferry to Governor's Island and went biking around the island for 3 hours.

(Notice the Statue of Liberty! I hadn't seen it since I moved to NY.)

Then, on my way home, I stopped by a Duane Reade where a lovely MUA-er had tipped the NB off regarding where we could find Opulent Cloud. I got there and there was one left. OH YES.

(pinky 1 coat; 2 coats everything else)

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud is a wacky duochrome. The base is a light purple that is packed w/ a shimmer that can flash gold, silver, and a lime-y green.

The other blogger photos of this stuff are amazing, so I suggest you go there b/c I don't have the patience to do this polish justice.

I've seen some amazing swatches where it looked like a crazy silver/gray gone wild. That's not what I have experienced w/ this polish. It looks purple to me in the bottle and mostly purple on my nail.

The application is good, very smooth, needing only 2 coats and drying well. But this polish is brush-stroke city.

(Ectasi Indigo - pinky 1 coat, all else 2 coats)

Sitting right next to the HD display was a possibly new collection from Borghese. I didn't pay much attention to the little display in general b/c I zoned in on this dark purple and couldn't look away.

I had been fooled by Inglot, but there was no doubt in my mind. THIS was a dark creme purple. OH YES 2.0

I didn't own a single Borghese, so I couldn't justify the $8 retail price w/ claims that I love the quality of this brand. However, I could justify the price w/ claims that I am getting this purple and I don't care what my wallet has to say.

I'm really happy w/ this polish! I love the brush. Flat and wide but nicely rounded. I did 2 thin coats - most of you will want 3 (or 2 thicker coats), BUT the bright light made the application seem a lot less opaque than it looked in person.

It also dried so fast! I could touch it w/out fingerprints w/in a few minutes.

My only wish is that it had a BIT more red.

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Mary said...

Nice haul! I've been hunting for OC, but no luck yet. I think Borghese makes a great polish, but for some reason am also reluctant about the $8.00 price tag :)

krisprimps said...

I have seriously been having dreams about OC. It's sick, sick I tell you. Still unsuccessful.

D:) said...

Mary & Kris - My mantra = We will all get it eventually.

Glasgow said...

Just bought the Borghese Ectasi Indigo for $5.99 at Duane Reade. Today is the last day though, it seems the sale started last Saturday :-(

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