Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sinful's Dream On a backup bottle saga

(Warning!! Of course I'm featuring the most impossible color to photograph. Not one of these photographs is perfect but the relation b/w each color gives you a good idea of the difference in bottles. All photographs are w/ top coat except where noted.)

In late spring of 2008, I bought a bottle of Sinful's Dream On on a whim. I loved it. That, along w/ Dior's Gold Nugget, sparked my nail polish obsession.

(DO1 Not color accurate. Pinker and darker. 2 coats.)

I wore it all the time and one year later decided that my remaining half bottle was making me nervous. I went out to the pharmacy to pick up a backup.

I went home to swatch it and got this.

(DO2 Not color accurate. More purple and vibrant. 3 coats.)

The colors were totally different! They were both neons but my first Dream On was a neon fuchsia and this was clearly a neon purple. In fact this color is basically a dupe of Zoya's Charisma and Essie's Perky Purple. Also, the formula was different. I attempted as many as 4 coats and I still had VNL w/ this one.

Distraught, I took to MUA to complain and swap. I searched for members who posted Dream Ons for swap that they had purchased a year ago.

One person noticed my post complaining about my backup failure and kindly offered to send me their fuchsia Dream On. I was ecstatic.

(DO3 Fairly color accurate. No top coat necessary. 2 coats.)

She RAOKed it to me all the way from the UK and it was lovely! But it wasn't the Dream On I was looking for. Indeed it had the name but it was much lighter than either DO1 or DO2 and it wasn't neon.

Fortunately, somebody I had contacted for a swap came through and offered this up to me.

(DO4 Not color accurate. 3 coats.)

Ya this one is the same as DO2. Except w/ 3 coats, it reached good opacity. I imagine that's due to the fact that it's over a year old.

So I am the non-proud owner of 4 Dream Ons and no back ups of my favorite shade ever.

WTH, Sinful? WTH?

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Erika said...

Haha, oh dear! That's really funny, even though I'm sure it's really frustrating for you. Is there any way to contact Sinful and ask them what the deal is? I wonder if your first (favorite) bottle was a weirdo batch, and the Perky Purple dupes are what they're supposed to look like (in the US, at least). Because otherwise-- that's just odd

Adrienne said...

oh nos :( Awful.. i would try to maybe contact sinful?

D:) said...

Erika - It's possible. But how sad. It's such a great neon that isn't one of the ~standard~ neon colors.

Adrienne - Not a bad idea. I think I might. Just to let them know that their lack of quality control is insanely frustrating to some customers.

mKat said...

I understand how you're feeling. Nobody ever wants to be without a favourite. However, you are lucky in that all of these colours look great! :)

P'ssion Emelie said...

My Dream On is a neon magenta/purple that dries matte. Maybe a fifth DO? :S

Are the Sinful people so bad at finding new names that they have to use the ones they've already got several times? Lazy...

flinty said...

I hate to laugh at your pain but this was one of the funnier polish stories I've heard lately. How exasperating! (Both on Sinful's part -- and on my part for finding it amusing.) I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for a DO that resembles your first picture. :)

D:) said...

Emelie - I actually know for sure that there is at least a 5th Dream On b/c somebody made post on the NB a few months back complaining about the same thing. http://makeupalley.com/m_92652499 I believe the 2nd bottle is my D03 and the 3rd bottle pictured is DO2/DO4. Yours sounds a lot like D02/D04. I blame the photo.

Flint - It's hilariously absurd is it not? I'm thinking of mixing DO3 + DO2. I might get DO1! Thanks flint :)

Lucy said...

That is an insane polish predicament. I would absolutely hate that! I have this polish but I don't know which number I am. Most of my polishes are packed away. Apartment being painted soon.

PolishPig said...

Ouch, what a pain..

I totally agree, Sinful is unpredictable. I have this polish too, when I ordeded it I thought I would get something in the line of your first polish, but it looks more like your second in the bottle.. haven't tried it yet.

My blogs undertext is walking the thin line betweeen htf and wtf. After reading this, I might add wth as well ;-D

LOVE your blog, it immediately found its way to my blog roll!

Sandi said...

Unfortunately it's not limited to Sinful. I've had the same issues with Milani and Revlon. Maybe it's just drugstore polishes?

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