Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zoya's Sam

These are the polishes I got from Zoya's Twitter Promo:
  • (left) Zara - purple w/ gold shimmer. I don't like it nearly as much as I thought I would but it applies quite well.
  • (middle) Gaia - white w/ gold shimmer. Conversely, I like this one more than I thought I would but boy does it apply poorly. You need 3 coats minimum, just to get it even.
  • (right) Sam - Deep red jelly w/ notes of brown. Applies reasonably well. There is decent (but not awesome) coverage at 2 coats.

(2 days wear.)

This is 2 coats. Most of you will definitely need/want 3. I rarely wear polishes long enough for me to make notice or at least be annoyed by their lack of longevity, but this one I did. This mani is only 2 days old and I've had to fiddle w/ it a few times for it to look even this good. I had to run the brush along the tops of my tips twice (to cover up the tip wear and some actual chipping) and even resorted to a refresher top coat (something I never do). All this for less than 48 hours? Unacceptable. I DO NOT ACCEPT.

I do like the color a lot. I'm slowly gearing up to start my job. I'm taking inventory of my things, trying to sift through clothes and shoes that I wore at school that I could get away w/ at work, trying to figure out what else I need to buy. I think this is probably the most work safe red in my collection other than maybe Zoya's Ashley (which is a berry creme rather than a red jelly). Unfortunately for her, Ashley bores me to tears, so I haven't actually bothered to crack open the bottle yet.

Oooh! Can you guess which of my nails has a wrap on it? Ladies and germs I am a fiberglass wrap (not silk) convert. In my experience, they seem to hold up to polish changes longer and hide under manicures better. The ring finger.

Finally - I took Flinty's advice and placed an order for the OPI Suedes (along w/ some other random junk) from Discount Beauty Center. That was quick shipping!! I ordered those on Tuesday afternoon and they were sitting on my desk Thursday morning. (Granted they were only coming from NJ - but STILL.)

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mKat said...

I really like Sam on you... it's a gorgeous deep red. Pity that it doesn't wear better!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous shades you got for free. Are we going to see the other two swatched?

D:) said...

mKat - Thanks! I might get what ppl are talking about w/ Zoyas. This was annoying.

Lucy - Yes eventually!

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