Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from road trip

I came back from my road trip to 2 gems.

First, my profs finally sent me a draft of their paper to review/edit. Actual word they want to use in an article to be published in the Harvard Business Review: "Bugaboos". *deep breath*

Second, I got China Glaze Atlantis in a swap! Woot woot. This one was so gorgeous, I tried to franken-dupe it while I waited for it in the mail.

(Ik ik... no clean up.)

Lol I was way off. I'm not surprised really when my approach was to make a turquoise base (that ended up being way too light) and throw a ton of shit in it.

Ah well! It made for a really nice polish to do a gradient with! I love gradients but I have only been able to do nice looking gradients w/ NYX's Gold Sparkle.

(I matted the thumb for Ss & Gs)

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Lucy said...

That's a gorgeous manicure! No where near Atlantis but just as lovely.

Triskit said...

I think this is awesome!! Perfect for winter!

Mary said...

I love that look! Such a pretty shade.

contests and such said...

This is a FANTASTIC gradient! I really need to learn how to do these!

Mighty Lambchop said...

It may not be Atalantis but it is kick ass! Love the gradient effect, it's so pretty.

rijaH said...

That look is so nice.. Very winterwonderland like :D

D:) said...

Lucy, Mary - Thanks!

Triskit, rijaH - Thank you. You're right! It's quite icey. It will be a great thing to wear when I'm sick of dark shades.

c&s, Mighty - Gradients are super easy if you have the right polish. All you need is a really smooth, sheer polish. It's easiest if you do one w/ a glitter to it because it hides any uneven gradation better.

Annelie said...

very nice gradient!

Emalyn said...

I love this look. Could you do a tutorial on it, please? :D

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