Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brucci's "Stephanie Go Lime" and "Emmi & Olli Go Bananas"

I was sifting through my several untrieds and swatching them all along w/ some haven't-tried-in-a-whiles when I happened upon these 2 shades.

They are highly season inappropriate but I can't help but post these.

Stephanie's Go Lime

(2 coats)

Would you call this a lime? I think of this as more of a grass. It's quite bright and yellow but it has a bit of dustiness to it. The closest color I have in my collection is Misa's Green With Envy. It has a touch more yellow and is definitely less dusty than the Brucci. I'm trying to keep my polish habit under control so I really don't like to buy colors that are similar (unless they're in the purple category) so I'm mildly annoyed I have both.

Still they are different enough that I wont try and swap one away.

Emmi & Olli Go Bananas

(2 coats!)

After swatching this one, I had to make it my NOTD. It really is the perfect banana yellow. I had been wearing so many creme browns and dark purples, I was happy to have change of pace.

I love Bruccis b/c they're cheap, they're everywhere in nyc, they often have clever colors, and lots of their polishes wear really well. However, I still wasn't expecting this yellow to apply as well as it did! It was smooth, opaque, and not chalky. This was 2 careful coats. This is not the swatch photo but the NOTD photo which was taken a day or so after I had been wearing it so there is some tip wear.

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gildedangel said...

Those are great colors; I love the green!

S said...

It's so unfair that the yellow one looks so good next to your skin tone! :D I love that color and I love my yellows but I'm pale as Snow White most of the year and making yellows work is really hard :D

I like Brucci a lot too, those two colors hapen to be my favorites so far

augusta said...

lol, great minds think alike. i dont like owning colors that are similar either unless they are purple.

a yellow that was easy to apply? hold on to that one.

i live in chicago and i haven't run into this brand anywhere, is there a website i can get these at?

Lucy said...

Love both of those shades on you. The first shade looks terrible on me. I never experienced that before. I wasn't very happy about it either! I guess I'll have to use something warmer with it. I've never used Brucci so I'll have to look out for them. I too get extremely annoyed when I get dupes. I don't mind it in green or purple. Other colors I do mind!

D:) said...

Gilded - I'm probably gonna wear that green a lot in the spring!

S - Well, if it helps, I look terrible in vibrant or bright blues and don't wear golds very well either. Bruccis are great!

Augusta - I have looked for a brucci website wear I can buy polish multiple times! Still no success unfortunately.

Lucy - Thanks! It is so upsetting when you find a color you like a lot but it makes you look terrible.

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