Friday, October 30, 2009

I love Polish Swapping

There are two reasons I love MUA.
  1. The Nail Board - Countless swatches aka "spam", tips and tricks, support, and the occasional hilarious character
  2. The Swapping Community
On MUA you can swap your unwanted or ignored polish with others. It's a great way to try different polishes w/out the guilt.

Sometimes, I acquire a long sought after polish like Claire's Magic. (Which I put on my "wish list".)

(So nice I posted it twice. 2 coats.)

Or Sinful Colors' Daddy's Girl

(No Flash. Comparison w/ Milani's Totally Cool. DG = Middle and Pink, TC = Ring and Index. DG = 4 coats, TC = 3 coats.)

(Flash. Comparison w/ Milani's Totally Cool. DG = Middle and Pink, TC = Ring and Index. DG = 4 coats, TC = 3 coats.)

Or recent must-have China Glaze's Atlantis

(2 coats.)

Other times generous swappers include "extras" not discussed in the original swap agreement, like Maybelline Express Finish's Crimson Cramoisi

(2 coats.)

Or Fasville U.S.A. Vitamin Hardener's (lmao) Rose Wine

(2 coats. I think this is such a pretty color.)

Once every blue moon you can even get your hands on the occasional HTF like OPI's *holo* My Private Jet

(OK - sorry, too lazy to swatch this one. Plus you've seen it a million times!)

I'm still working on building up my swapping cred (w/ positive tokens) so other swappers will trust me more. Flinty, on the other hand, is a veteran swapper and actually the very first person I ever swapped with! Zoya's Nina is only one of the polishes I got from dearest Flint.

(3 Coats. This color makes me excited for work to start!)

Maybelline Express Finish's Purple Passion

(2 coats. Frankly I didn't like this one as much as I thought I would. Back into the swap drawer?)

OPI DS Fantasy

(1 coat bitches.)

Orly's Star of Bombay

(3 coats.)

All my MUA swappers hola at me!

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keerthamina said...
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keerthamina said...

ita, i love the nail board and swapping! i only recently started swapping (was on the nb for about a year before that, though) but have already met so many wonderful and generous women through it!

gildedangel said...

Great swap goodies!!!

Papaya Bunny said...

I don't go to the boards usually (unless I'm looking for something in particular) but I practically live by the product reviews on MUA. MUA helped/still helps me to experience brands and products that I would never use otherwise because of the cost. And there's really nothing more exciting than getting a package with that item you wanted, except maybe if they send you an extra of an item you want too!

Evil Angel said...

Swapping is fun if for no other reason that guiltless goodies in the mail!

Duffi McDermott said...

What's your MUA name? (You can PM me at MUA if you like, I'm duffimac.) I'd be happy to swap with you and build your "cred"! Love the swatches and the commentary.

Danica said...

Wow! You've really convinced me to try this swap out. I don't know who would want the ones I'm trying to get rid of. Maybe I could stock up on MPJ holo, because it's not too difficult for me to get. MUA is just really difficult for me to ever figure out!

D:) said...

Keerth, Evil, Papaya, Gilded - I'm glad you agree!

Duffi - "Pifflove"

Danica - A quick search of MUA wishlists tells me you would have plenty of takers for a holo MPJ! Swapping is pretty easy once you figure it out. E-mail me w/ any questions u have.

Stefanie said...

I love swapping too!

Still working up my swapping cred as well though.

Lucy said...

I never go on the MUA. I can't even keep up with these blogs. Fantastic polishes you swapped for. I went on a couple of times and I found people a little hard to talk with. I was asked to announce a new line of polish coming out. I barely got anyone to even acknowledge me. I guess it wasn't a good way to make a first post there.

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