Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lazy Ombre

(Left to right: Zoya Angelina, OPI YDKJ, Orly CCK, OPI YDKJ)

I saw this new mani style on Nihrida and liked it a lot.

Instead of mixing black and white polish w/ the same color, I just found colors that are all in the same family.

So ya I don't have 5 different colors but whatevs. This is an ombre mani done in 10 minutes as opposed to god knows what.

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Anneli said...

Looks awesome! :D I gotta try that. What's the color on your middle fingernail?

Evil Angel said...

I am all for the lazy ombre and when you have 75 purples it's pretty easy to do! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting. I hadn't thought I'd try anything like this, but I really like your take on the idea. Maybe it's the symmetrical lover in me. Lookin' good!

D:) said...

Anneli - Thanks :) Orly Country Club Khaki!

Evil Angel - Exactly!

Squeak - Haha thanks so much! I frequently do this type of mani, except I use complimentary colors as opposed to varying shades of the same color.

Lucy said...

I thought that this would be easier to do than adding white to polish. I loved the looks Nhrida did but I know I wouldn't go to all that trouble. I like your look. Very pretty.

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