Friday, October 9, 2009

NOTW/E - CM's Midnight Imposter & Sation's Silver Glitter

Well, my bizarre foray into glitters continues on. I'm going on a road-trip this weekend. I went w/ a glitter b/c, in my experience, they can go the longest w/out chipping.

2 Coats Midnight Imposter on all fingers except pinky. Navy blue base w/ silver and light blue glitter.
And b/c I'm a habitual skittler, 3 Coats Silver Glitter on pinky.
A thin coat of SV smoothed both of these out.

Mignight Imposter applied very well and is kind of a kissing cousin to SSN.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Lucy said...

I've never heard of this brand. It's a fantastic color on you. Love all that glittery sparkle.

D:) said...

Thanks Lucy! CMs smell god-awful but they have a lot of lovely colors and are super cheap!

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