Saturday, November 21, 2009

China Glaze's Midnight Ride and Groovy Green

Groovy Green

(5 thin coats)

I'm really sorry about this pic, my camera had real trouble w/ it. Groovy Green has been long-time lemming for me. I managed to get it in a swap. I love my milky-jellies but this one was a serious eehhhh. It behaved a little worse than most, really sticky and tough to apply. It took 5 coats, not to achieve full opacity (that happened at 4), but to get it even. There was constant cuticle drag and bald spots. I probably should have just waited 5 minutes in between each coat but who has time for that.

It also peeled pretty quick; quelle surprise, since there's 7 coats of polish (5 + bc + tc) on my nails. But still! I was annoyed.

I was disappointed by GG for a lot of reasons but also b/c it's the exact color of anything that is glow in the dark. It doesn't really occur to you when you're looking at it in the bottle, but once it's on the nail, that's all you can think of. And worse still because it doesn't actually glow in the dark!

Midnight Ride

(1 coat)

How come nobody told me this was a one coater?! Applied super smooth. It is quite dark. If you hate those almost-blacks, this isn't for you. I love this tho.

I've filed my nails down to almost-nubbs in preparation for my trip. I'm only going to be bringing a crappy SH base-coat w/ me and a, gasp, metal file. A glass one will surely break in my backpack.

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gildedangel said...

Great swatches! Looking at the swatch of the first one I thought that it would glow in the dark!

Danica said...

When I first saw the picture I thought it was a glow in the dark - sorry that you've been wanting it so long just to be upset! I like midnight ride though, and I can't say I've ever only used 1 coat, so that would be too weird for me!

Lucy said...

Midnight Ride is a glorious polish. Groovy Green looks like a green version of Pepto Bismal.

D:) said...

Gilded -- doesn't it??

Danica -- if I can get away with 1 coat I do. I'm lazy!!!

Lucy -- you are right on both counts.

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