Friday, November 20, 2009

OPI's Holiday Glow and OPI's Do You Lilac It

(2 coats each)

Holiday Glow was by far my favorite color of the Holiday collection. It looks great in the bottle but not so good on me. It loses a lot of its gold sparkle.

I swapped away Done Out in Deco; it was just too cool a lavender for my warm skin. I got Do You Lilac It as my replacement. Muuuuuch better. (It's a bit pinker in real life.) I also find it applies just a little bit better as well.

Blurry daytime swatch of Holiday Glow

(3 coats)

I thought I was being clever and resolving one of my gripes w/ this polish by adding a thin layer of NYX Gold Sparkle on top to enhance the gold glitter in the polish that kind of drowns on the nail. NO DICE. Eugh. It was way too yellow a gold and not nearly as sparse as I thought it would be. No pic of that ugliness.

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Lucy said...

Sweet manicure. Love the combination. Glad you found the perfect lilac.

D:) said...

Thanks, Lucy!!

Hairsprays said...

Girl, I wear this all the time. What's really cool to do is to polish the tips with Shim Merry Chic, or you can even do it the other way around. They go very pretty together!!

nailcareASKlisa said...

Funny, I don't normally go for browns, but Holiday Glow looks quite rich and "doable" even for me!

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