Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sinful's Nail Junkie and Sparitual's It's Raining Men

My adventures in layering over black (2 coats SH's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Black Out) continue.

Nail Junkie

(1 coat)

Nail Junkie, like a lot of glitters, is suspended in that jelly-like clear base. It's hard to get it to go on thinly. Thus, I got the most impressive tip pull from this. Poshe could not handle the thickness at all.


In the bottle, It's Raining Men is a blue-to-green duochrome w/ a strong peach flash. Other bloggers, have covered how pretty this polish is on its own. Lovely, right?!

I decided to see what it was like layered over black.

It's Raining Men

(1 coat. Ring finger only.)

Lol! A complete transformation.


Despite it's Jeckyll-Hyde personality, I'm swapping it away. I don't do duochromes. But I had fun playing!

I left for Bangkok this morning. I realllly hope to do some sort of nail related update while I'm over there, but I may not get to it. If not, I have scheduled some posts so you'll still hear from me a little bit while I'm gone. See you in a few weeks!

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PolishPig said...

heh, the name enough makes this go onto my lemming list. (and now the song stuck in my head as well.. )

Lucy said...

Nail Junkie is a gorgeous polish. I like It's Raining Men. Another gorgeous polish. How nice that your in Bangkok. Enjoy yourself.

Evil Angel said...

I love layering over black. These are both gorgeous!

gildedangel said...

That is gorgeous, I love it!!!

keerthamina said...

I love Nail Junkie over black - you've inspired me to try a similar laying experiment with ChG Atlantis. Hope you have an amazing trip!!!

Anonymous said...

i bought Nail Junkie the other day and LOVE IT!! reminds me of a mermaids scales for some reason...

Anonymous said...

What a small world, I did nail junkie over black last week, and LOVED it!

D:) said...

Pig - such a good song!!

Lucy & gilded - thanks!

Evil - it's strange, I rly like layering for swatching but not to wear as actual manis.

kee - I'll have to check your blog for the swatch!

Mama - that's a perfect description

jscott - fab!!

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