Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back - Lancome's Piha Black and Refined Red

Lol actually I've been back for well over a week now but we have quite a healthy backlog of posts on PoP.

I'm back with tons of new polish (30-ish) and a plan to swatch every one.

There will also be a follow up post featuring my naked nails after weeks w/out daily polish.

I'm lucky because not only did I bring home about 15 or so polishes acquired in Bangkok and Vietnam, but I also came home to swap packages, RAOKs, and B-Day gifts waiting for me.

First up, I swapped away a handful polishes (including Illamasqua's DWS - formula FAIL, color fail IMO) to try some Lancomes.

Piha Black

(1 coat)

This is a great and dark charcoal. It is well pigmented and applies easily. This will definitely get a lot of use. This looks like a black base with a fine silver shimmer.

This one is a lot like that Dior Flinty posted a week ago except the silver sparkle is much finer.

Refined Red

(2 coats)

Lol this is what happens when I take photos without flash. The camera turns my skin blue. Insane. Fortunately, the color of the red is fairly true to life. This dried quite quickly. Like most reds of this nature, there's a jellyish quality to it. It's a nice classic, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Tell me why you think the Illamasqua polishes are a formula fail! I'm surprised. They're a bit on the thick side, but I think they wear like iron...


D:) said...

Nooooo! I have only owned 3 Illamasquas - Rampage, Baptiste, and DWS. I think the first 2 have brilliant formulas. The wear and pigmentation are incredible. I think DWS is the odd man out. It's quite bad for a Illamasqua IMO. It's thick and goopy. The application is tough (I needed 3 coats iirc) and it just feels really heavy on my nails. I was also disappointed in the color - the grey isn't realllly a true grey (which is what I was hoping for). It leans a biiiit bluey-greeny. I was really just hoping for a lighter version of ChG's Recycle. It pales in comparison. But it's, what, like 4 times as expensive.

gildedangel said...

Ooo, those are lovely colors!

Lucy said...

I've never used any Lancome polishes. Lovely polishes on you.

Jessika said...

hey, those look familiar! lol!

D:) said...

jessika - lolol yup!!!

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