Friday, January 22, 2010

Anne & Florio - Cremes and Jellies

This was a brand I picked up in Bangkok at a store called Beauty Buffet.

They retailed for about 2 bucks for one. But if you bought 3, 1 buck each. I bought 9. What the hell. But these don't have an ingredient list! No idea whether or not these are B3F. I would assume not.

Blue (B28)

(3 coats)

Not. A. Fan. Applied like hell. Looks like hell.


(2 coats)

Anne & Florio does jellies much better than the one creme. This red turned out quite nice after just 2 coats.

I think I have enough of these types of reds tho.

Pink (B49)

(2 coats)

Although the color is really pigmented and strong, but I don't think you can build opacity with this one.

What a poor start.

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gildedangel said...

Great swatches, those are all so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like the red! It's very bright but looks nice

Lucy said...

Love the red. Looks lovely on you. The first, not so great. The pink is sweet also.

augusta said...

i have a question, how do you choose reds? your skin tone looks similar to mine but reds never look good on me. as such, i only own one bottle.

D:) said...

Gilded - thanks!

Kelly - I like bright red more and more!

Lucy - Thanks, Luce!

Augusta - Stay away from blue based reds (you might be able to get away w/ some, but many will look terrible on you). Those reds will look very pink on first coat.

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