Monday, January 11, 2010

I started work today

In celebration, I'm featuring polishes that I probably couldn't wear there.

No. 18

(2 coats)

This is a polish I picked up in Bangkok for about 3 bucks. I'm not totally crazy about this one. Company is based in Korea.


(2 coats)

OK I actually probably could wear this at the law firm. This is a franken I made using eye shadow. It's a nice non-red brown that isn't anything close to black. This has topcoat "David" on it.


(1 coat)

This is one coat Nfu-Oh's 51 layered over my franken. This is a decant from a bottle generously sent to me by IceRozie back when it looked like 51 was never coming back.

Well, here goes nothing.

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Chynna said...

Good luck! My friend starts his last semester at law school today, so I'll be keeping tabs on both of you. I hope you will enjoy your new job and the people you work with.

gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful colors!

Danica said...

I actually really like No. 18 and I love the bottle it's so cute. And I love that franken, I love browns and I don't think I've seen anything else close to it, it's gorgeous. And 51 looks great over your franken, it kin of reminds me of Merry Midnight... I want so many NfuOh flakies, I don't have any, I'm trying to decide which one I really want to spend my money on.

augusta said...

good luck!

Jackie S. said...

Depending on how conservative the firm is, you can wear any oor all of your colors. I work at a law firm and I wear ALL my colors, blues, greens flakies, glitters etc. It's all about how you present yourself to your co-workers...Im sure you can get away with anything! :)

Aaren said...

Co-signing with Jackie S. I'm the second-in-command at my law firm and I wear each and every one of my colors. Just not necessarily to Court. But when clients come in, they're liable to find me in any myriad of colors. I'm still the same aggravating attorney I've always been :-).

D:) said...

Chynna - Thank you!

Gilded - thx :)

Danica - I think the whole reason why I bought 18 is the bottle. It is soooo not me. Re - the franken. Sad to report but it has completely separated and turned weird in the bottle.

Augusta - thanks!

Jackie - Ya I'm going to ease myself in. I don't want to ruffle the partners' feathers right away. I already have a tongue ring! haha :)

Aaren - I'm glad to know! Sadly i'm not in charge at my firm... yet!

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