Monday, January 4, 2010

StrangeBeautiful Volume 1 - Hots

This is a continuation of a two-part post on Volume 1 of StrangeBeautiful.



(2 coats)

Love this one. Very even formula. Quite flattering pumpkin orange. I think it's cute. I'm also grateful to add to my pathetic collection of oranges.


(2 coats)

Lol OK I know. The teal (from Colds) is more green than this one. But what can I do.

You can't tell in the photo but in person, this one dries a lot darker than the bottle. It has the best dry time IMO and is quite glossy.

This is a super edgy color that I think is totally work appropriate for women of color. It might be a little more unorthodox on lighter-skinned folk. But I think it is quite sensible on my brown skin.

Flint did a CP for me during the RBL sale and I'm waiting to see how this one compares to No More War. Can't wait for that delivery!

This one is my fav of the Hots.


(2 coats)

A red based brown. Worst formula of the collection. Quite uneven with just 2 coats. 3 would probably solve the problem.


(2 coats)

This one was so bright it freaked my camera AND my firefox out. I have no idea what it will look like on your screen. This is the only color of the bunch that is no holds barred. It isn't muted. It isn't greyed. It isn't dirty. It is RED. No apologies. The application is a dream. By far the best of the bunch.

I'm pretty much blown away by the utter perfection of this red. If I liked red more, this would win the contest of best polish in Volume 1 by a mile.

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aniploish said...

Whoa those hots are toootally hawt... I don't know about the brown(I own one (1) brown) but I'd wear the rest anywhere anytime, especially the durdy green one. And I have decided I am into reds as per today, this one is sensational!Thanks for swatching!

gildedangel said...

That first orange is so pretty!

rijaH said...

Like the brown one :D

cidell said...

I LOVE this collection. You're right -- that green is perfect for women of color. I get away with colors at work that that are nowhere near neutral on other people. Makes me happy ;)

D:) said...

Ani - I think I like the hots best. They have better application and dry time (except for Brown). But all the colors looked ok on me! I am thrilled.

Gild - Agree. I wish it was still fall :\

rij - Great minds think differently! It is my least fav of the collex.

Cidell - Lol totes *high fives*

rijaH said...

Heheh it happens ;P

ReaderRita said...

The red looks like the petals of a Poppy that we have in our backyard (when there isn't 8 feet of snow...) and it freaks out our camera, too. Kinda photographs like a "Colorform" *(TM). (*those old, plastic stick-on type toys)
I really thank you for and enjoy all of the StrangeBeautiful colors you've swatched recently- except for this orange, which would look evil on me, with my pale, ghostly skin... they DO make me WANT SUMMER!

Lucy said...

I have volumes 1 & 2. Unworn but I have to get out that green. That was the whole reason I bought the collection. They look beautiful on you.

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