Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NARS Purple Rain vs Others

Since I have a million of these stupid purple shimmers I thought I would do some super quick comparison pics for those of you trying to resist (or perhaps needing an excuse). These are not perfectly accurate as the photos were taken w/ flash.

I like Purple Rain. It has really gorgeous depth and I much prefer red-ish purples to blurples ("reples"? "purpeds"?). The pigmentation is great but I found the application to get a bit thick once reaching the second coat. It is also arguably very similar to others I have. However, it is super beautiful and glowy and I'm glad I have it. I hope this helps you make a decision!

The Middle and Index finger are static; they are swatched with Purple Rain throughout. Every swatch was two coats.

Zoya Yasmeen

In bottle and on the nail - the closest is Yasmeen, imo. They have very similar color tone but the shimmer is finer in PR. It's quite a bit deeper as well.

Essie Sexy Divide

Too blue.

Makeup Store Lea

Blue jelly base makes this not close at all.

Illamasqua Baptiste

The other very close one is Baptiste. The texture, depth, darkness, and pigmentation are very similar (with Baptiste's application a smidge better). However, Baptiste is Purple Rain's blue big sister. (Sorry for the terrible pic - like I said, I did these quick.)

Claire's Magic

Probably should have done a third coat but hey I'm lazy. At any rate, you're not close to PR at all - again that blue jelly base makes it completely wrong.

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Musicalhouses said...

Thanks for the comparisons! These were really very useful. Unfortunately, I kind of like most of the alternatives, esp Yasmeen better. The good thing is, I already have Yasmeen, so this kills a huge and expensive lemming for me!

kittytokaren said...

Hey D - Love the comparison shots - you really show them accurately!! Someone even cited you on NB just now! :)

My fav is definitely Sexy Divide (which I own and love - and forsake all other purple shimmers for) because it is a smidge more blue. I really don't look good in polish if it's warm-toned. Maybe I'm a mutant? Meh.

R3Beauty said...

Hmm I love Baptiste. It is one of my favorites. While at Sephora the other day I couldn't decide if I wanted Purple Rain. I hemmed and hawed because it is so much like Baptiste. But I really liked the pink/red shimmer I saw in the bottle. I ended up picking up Illamsqua's Rampage, which had been sold out every other visit to Sephora. Now of course I regret not picking it up & I need Zoya's Yasmeen! Thanks for the lemming! :)

mKat said...

Thanks for the comparisons, D:). I have to say though, I think I'm starting to own too many polishes. I can no longer distinguish shades! Your beautiful swatches look very similar to me (and identical to stuff in my own stash). Maybe I'm on polish overload! :)

(I think I like the Illamasqua one the best.)

PolishedSheep said...

Thanks for the great comparison! Somehow I now long for Zoya Yasmeen ...

Crystal Polish said...

I am in love with some purple polish. All of these are gorgeous. I will probably be looking into obtaining the ones I do not currently have. :D

D:) said...

Musical - I like Yasmeen best too. :\ PR is at its best when its in the sun and *glowing* at you. But other than that... eh. Yasmeen is gorg all the time.

K2K - Lol NB, my terrible addiction. You're lucky you're cool toned! I'm pretty convinced that most polishes were made w/ cool toned people in mind!

R3B - IMO get Yasmeen before you get PR. It's half the cost anyway.

mKat - Don't worry! If you can't tell the difference that means you don't have enough polishes!!!

PolishedSheep - Worth every penny! Go for it.

Crystal - They are. I can think of reasons to own all of them.

Jackie S. said...

This was an awesome comparison! You have quite a stock of polishes to do this...Thanks sooo much!

Jessi McKinney said...

$16 is the most I have ever, or will ever again in my life, spend on a bottle of nail polish. But, seeing your comparisons made me glad I bought it. I like Yasmeen, but I prefer the shimmer in Purple Rain. I'm so glad I'm not regretting my decision!

gildedangel said...

Great comparison, I am such a sucker for dark purple!

D:) said...

Jackie - Thanks! And yes I do :'(

Jessi - Purple rain goes balls out when you take it out in the sun. I couldn't stop staring.

Gilded - ugh me too. UGH

Niki* said...

these purples are beautiful!

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