Sunday, March 21, 2010

Geting Minx pedis with Piff at Valley Nails in NYC (watch out: pictures of feet!)

I found Valley through Google and immediately fixated on it as a place to go to get Minx. They do wonderful nail art (check out their website, there are several pages of photos!) so I figured they should be good at Minx, too. I don't believe I was mistaken... :)

The salon itself was really cute and had the most amazing selection of nail polishes to choose from!

I think it's the only salon I've ever been to that isn't overrun with OPI and Essie. The only Essie I saw are those two neon ones... sitting next to the KO Knockout polishes! And check out the gorgeous little lineup of China Glazes! Glitters! Colors!

Pretty polishes, with photo albums of nail art, nail art swatches and Japanese nail art magazines!! :D

But let's look a little bit closer:
TiNS!! (And Zoyas and old CNDs behind them.) I asked. The TiNS were not for sale. :(

Pedicure platform:
The UV lamp is snaked right behind there.

After quite awhile of deliberation, I picked out what I wanted:
These are fingernail sized, I believe, but most people can use the fingernail sizes on their toes too. (I was happy to see that they were cool with mixing and matching.)

Okay, people with serious foot aversions, avert your eyes: here be feet!

After peeling the Minx off of the sheet, the nail tech (I want to say her name is Miko but I'm not sure -- I'm terrible with names) warmed it up under the lamp for a few seconds and started placing it on the toe:

She cut off the really excess excess: she will file off the rest to conform to the shape of my toe (much like what I did with Incoco polishes, actually):
The nail tech had cute acrylic 3D nail art goin' on... I love it when nail techs have their own nails done.

Look! Glass nail file! I don't think I've ever seen a glass nail file at a salon.

Using the nail file to file off the excess Minx from the pinky toe:

Finishing up the left foot with the blue:

Right foot, newly minxed:

Left and right feet the next morning, still awesome. I know most people enjoy the flowers more but I love how metallic the blue looks too. :)

It came out to $68 (not including tip) and depending on how long it lasts, I might just have to do this again sometime. I definitely recommend Valley for those people in New York or are planning to visit New York. Just for the wonderful selection of polishes to use alone. :)

In and out of shoes. (Not my shoes. Mom's shoes. I didn't bring a pair of sandals to NYC because who knew it'd be this hot?)

All dressed up and nowhere to go... except the airport in a few hours.

And bonus pic:
Piff and I probably have the largest and smallest hands on this blog.

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kittytokaren said...

Ah!!! So jealous of the mini-PoP-get-together!!!

I've been wanting to try Minx and like you I would do it on my toes. You mentioned before that it kind of hurt. What did you mean??

Also that salon looks awesome.

<3 kittytokaren

féline-alizarine said...

You have really cute footsies Flinty! And that flower pattern, is it the infamous one Katy Perry was showing off on twitter some time ago? Not that important to know though, actually, I couldn't really care less. xD

Evil Angel said...

I love the Minx pedi, very cute!

Anonymous said...

that looks like a really good salon, and the minx is so cute!

R3Beauty said...

Looks really great! There is a Minx salon around here and I was thinking of going and getting a Minx mani. I like the Pedi idea though. You will have to tell us how it wears. I heard they last about 5 days & for the price - I wasn't sure if it would be worth it.

flinty said...

@k2k: It was so much fun meeting someone else from PoP! I feel like I've been talking to you all for such a long time that it's weird that most of us have never met! The slight pain was due to the tech being aggressive about smoothing down the Minx by the cuticle using the cuticle stick. She got it as close to the cuticle as she could.

@feline: Yes, it's the one Katy Perry got. I barely know who Katy Perry is but I like her taste in Minx! ;)

@Evil Angel: thanks!

@manicuremania: I would love to get a regular pedi at this salon sometime. Or nail art. Or a pedi with nail art. TiNS polishes! I've never seen them anywhere in the US.

@R3: The pedi is supposedly good from 2-4 weeks. One of the receptionists says that hers can last up to 6 weeks, at which point it's more like a Minx french pedi... my pedis tend to hang on to the very last second so if this lasts a month, it's almost worth the cost. It's still pretty expensive no matter which way you look at it.

mKat said...

I think your account of this experience was wonderful and I love the pic of your hand together with Piff's. :) So cute.

WizardsOfBling said...

I love that pattern. Very cool!

Lucy said...

You have to use glass files when applying Minx...I have an account with the UK distributor of Minx so as soon as I get paid I'm all over that! :-)

Heidi said...

I love the Minx pics, and it sounds like a great time was had by all. The pedi looks awesome!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

So cute!!! I want to try Minx sometime in my life. :)

Arrianne said...

I like how you posted pictures of the whole process. That's a little too expensive for just that though. I bet that was so cool to finally meet one of the women you blog with.

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