Friday, March 12, 2010

RBL polish comparisons - Bikini Bottom & Recycle

My second to last RBL comparison post features a couple colors I'm kind of eh about and one formula I'm crazy about.

Bikini Bottom

(3 coats)

I love milky sheers. Their look just works w/ my skin, what can I say. The drawback is that they tend to be very streaky. (Necessitating multiple coats, which I am unwilling to do for swatches. Sowwy :) ) Bikini Bottom is no different. While I don't mind paying upwards of $10 bucks for a streaky sheer, $18 is just too much.

Electric Avenue

(Middle & Pinky EA 3 coats, Ring BBC 3 coats)

This is not a good replacement option. The color is less pronounced and I think a little bit greener. Worse, it's even more streaky.

Anybody else have any good replacement options for Bikini Bottom? CG Moody Blue perhaps?



(2 coats)

After swatching this one, I decided I needed to wear it as a NOTD again because I wasn't fair to it the first time. Initially, the color bored me to tears (it still does; I think both Illamasqua and Orly did dark green better), so I ended up putting silly rhinestones all over the pinky and then taking it off altogether w/in a few hours.

Second time around, the wear was great. I wore Recycle for almost 3 days without issue. The last day was the day I moved and my nails held up reasonably well considering the beating they were taking.

Recycle and No More War are the only 2 RBLs I own where I am satisfied w/ the lasting power and the formula. They both have similar consistencies, definitively needing at least 2 coats to get good coverage. Interesting...It wasn't the 1 coaters that impressed me most but the 2 coaters. So, folks, I only own 8 RBLs...Are there any fanatics out there that can tell me which RBLs need at least 2 coats and have that almost-a-jelly creme consistency?

(Middle and Pinky Rampage 3 coats, Ring Recycle 2 coats)

It's a little deeper, a little richer, a little jellier, a little cheaper, and a little better.


(Middle and Pinky #569 3 coats, Ring Recycle 3 coats)

Unfortunately, I don't have Orly's Enchanted Forest to do a comparison shot. I bought it right before Xmas and brought it home w/ me for the holidays. My sister saw it and squeeled. What can I say, I'm a sucker for spreading the NP love.

So in lieu of that, here's a kind of unfair comparison w/ 569. Sigh...I love almost black jellies. They are just so cool. I'll say this, Recycle certainly beats 569 in the application and longevity departments (I am not happy w/ Nfu-Oh's jelly formula). But in the color department...

So for now, Bikini Bottom wins in my sheer light blue race. Not an auspicious triumph, however. And Rampage wins in the deeply talented dark green tournament.

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Rhea said...

The Illamasqua looks gorgeous!

kittytokaren said...

I don't own either of these RBLs, but I gotta say, Bikini Bottom looks really nice on you! :)

Stephanie said...

I was really really close to ordering Bikini Bottom about a week ago but then I rethought it. Actually, I had Bikini Bottom and Recycle in my cart. Strange. I have Rampage and I adore the color. I hate the application, though. I don't want to do four coats of anything even if it IS awesome. Rampage was patchy at three coats for me :(

mKat said...

I love the dark greens... all of them. I think my preference leans toward the Nfu-Oh. Really lovely on you, D.

Grace said...

I like Wandering Vine better than Enchanted Forest as far as Orly's dark greens go, and the formula is great. I've worn it for 5 days with no major issues.

Piff said...

Rhea - It's a great color

K2K - thanks!

Stephanie - It's so interesting how we all have different experiences w/ the same polishes.

mKat - You gotta do an nfu-oh order girl, they have so many colors you would like! Thanks you!

Grace - Orly is like the dark horse of nail polish. Their stuff is solid and they don't really get the props.

Heidi said...

I'm sorry that I can offer absolutely no help in the RBL or the sheer department, but I just had to tell you that Bikini Bottom is simply stunning on you. On the other hand, I'd be a special kind of angry at $18, three coats, and still streaky...

I also agree that Orly produces terrific polishes. I wish all brands were as effortless to apply.

mKat said...

@D I own two of the Nfu-Oh flakies...and I haven't used them. But they're SO BEAUTIFUL. I was thinking I'd just collect the flakies but seeing these cremes... you're creating a lemming in me.

I just wish they weren't $13CAN a pop. Something inside me breaks a little at the cheap self loves China Glaze for a reason!

Mind you... after years of deliberation I finally got over that and paid that price for MAC eye shadows so I have no doubt the Nfu-Ohs will also be mine at some point. :P

Do you have any particular favourites?

Piff said...

Heidi - *high fives* Orly Team! And thank you!

mKat - I cannot stress enough how you do NOT need to collect all the flakies. I say get one flaky w/ a colored base that you love. And then get one other flaky in a clear base and you should be good to go w/ that. Since you typically just layer them over another polish, you really don't need a million different flakies to get different looks. Pick the flaky duochrome you like best and just go w/ that one. IMO.

My problem w/ Nfu-Oh jellies is that their application is a PITA, they don't dry well, and I find their longevity to be not ideal. But they look SO AMAZING once applied and I haven't found a better, more beautiful AND numerous, selection of jelly polishes by any other brand. Of the few that I have tried, my 2 favs are probably 119 (you NEEEEEED this one - a dark blue jelly that just GLOWS, it's almost neon but super dark. I can't explain it. GET IT. You like dark blues. GET IT.) and 570 (a super dark teal jelly).

Check out Fabulous Street's twitpics ( - they have swatches of a ton of their colors. Super helpful to make your choices.

gildedangel said...

Great comparisons!!!

mKat said...

@D/Piff... LOL what do I call you now? :)

The two flakies I have thus far are 038 (clear w/ duochrome? flakes) and 054 (teal/blue base w/ matching flakes). You know my polish habits well!

I haven't really used (m)any jellies before so I probably wouldn't realize how bad the formula is right off the bat. You know what I've been liking the look of recently? The Rainbow Jellies on the Nfu blog. Have you seen them? I'm not sure what numerical series they're in but they look like stained glass.

I will definitely check out your recs soon!

(I just dropped a crapload of cash to expand my makeup/polish storage I think I've gotta hold off on splurging for a bit! In retrospect I probably did not need to buy what I did...but I think I love to invent problems just so I can organize.) :P

119 looks like ChG's Calypso Blue (at least from swatches) and I LOVE that colour. Do you think they're comparable?

570 looks so pretty! Yes, I do appreciate your recs... :) I feel another splurge coming on... LOL

Piff said...

mKat - Those rainbow jellies do look cool (and quite matte! is that just me?) but v dangerous for anyone w/ even slightly yellow nails.

Hmmm I'm having trouble comparing since I don't own Calypso Blue. Judging from swatches 2 major things: 1. CB is not a jelly, 119 definitely is. 2. CB seems to have a bit of a dustiness about it and there is nothing dusty about 119. It practically glows on the nail.

(Call whichever in person but pref Piff in public. Sorry! I got a little paranoid last week.)

mKat said...

@Piff: Understand the paranoia. I recently disabled my Facebook account. Thanks for the heads up.

I don't think Calypso Blue looks dusty in person but I've never really experienced a real jelly so it might be dustier than 119. I will let you know when I get my hands on the beloved Nfu-Oh.

The rainbow jellies look matte to me too! I think that's why I like them. You're right about the yellow nails though. Maybe I'll try them on some fakes.

mKat said...

@Piff... I just realized (I can be so dippy)... the rainbow jellies and a few of the other things on the NfuOh blog are actually acrylic powders. Too bad! I would've LOVED to have a polish with such a unique finish.

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