Friday, March 5, 2010

RBL polish comparisons - Dead Calm & Starfish Patrick

Continuing on w/ my RBL comparisons. In this set we have a 2 colors I love, and 2 formulas I don't.

Dead Calm

(1 coat)

Isn't this color gawwwgeous? The coverage of this polish is well documented and seriously impressive. However, my experiences with staying power left a lot to be desired. I had terrible tip wear w/in mere hours and over the course of 1 day I ran the polish brush over my tips 3 times to combat chipping and tip wear. Not happy.

Neon Sapphire

(Middle & Pinky Neon Sapphire - 3 coats; Ring Dead Calm 2 coats)

This polish is less than 1/10 the price ($1.50) of Dead Calm. The color is slightly lighter and doesn't dry well. But, at $1.50, at least you get close to the color without feeling the sting. Further, I didn't have the annoying tip wear problems.

I like how Flinty described the difference b/w (if I recall correctly) Mismas and Grape Pop. She said it was 6 times the price without being 6 times better. That's exactly what we have here: Dead Calm is 12 times the price without being 12 times better.

Inglot 710

(2 coats - Sorry fuzzy pic!!)

I couldn't help myself. I had to swatch my favorite dark blue ever. It is completely different (thus totally irrelevant) but it is just so AWESOME. Those of you who hate almost blacks, look away. I love you forever, 710!!! *hugs* Wearing this one makes me so happy. It dries to a satin finish but looks bonkers w/ a top coat. No formula complaints.


Starfish Patrick

(Middle and Ring 3 coats, Pink 3 coats over 1 coat Underware)

I don't actually have a color comparison for this polish. There is nothing else like it in my collection. I love this color sooo much; it leans on the orange side of peach. I recently swapped away Zoya's Maya; it was the only other jelly peach I had and it was way, way, way too pink to compare anyway.

  1. It's kinda streaky...Heh check the pinky - streaky color on top of a streaky white. All yours for 36 bucks! *rolls eyes*
  2. It really does not dry well at all (much like the KleanColor). And yes, I've tried multiple top coats.
There are no comparison winners in this post. Until I get my hands on China Glaze's Peachy Keen, there is only 1 competitor in my orangey-peach challenge. And I do not believe in defacto winners unless the formula genuinely satisfies me (see NMW).

I cannot choose a winner in the dark blue category. 710 doesn't count (it is a navy - wrong color category). And I hate myself no matter which of the other 2 I pick. I choose Neon Sapphire and I groan about the dry time issues, the not as perfect color, and the kind of weird smell KleanColors have. I choose Dead Calm and I'm disgusted for picking anything so expensive and tipwear-y as a winner.

No winners!

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Anonymous said...

I have tipwear probs with RBL too. Thats why I only buy them during sales. I will say, though, the jellys are ones I would buy at full price, just because they are unique

gildedangel said...

Oooo, Starfish Patrick is really pretty!

Licia said...

That Kleancolor Neon Sapphire is one of my fav blues. Such a bargain at $2 a bottle. Did you try SH Insta-Dri as a TC? I've never had drying problems with Neon Saphhire (though it did need to be thinned quite a bit when I got it).

mKat said...

Do you by chance own NARS' Midnight Express? Every picture I've seen of that blue suggests it's "the" blue. I wondered how it compared to your RBL and Inglot. I suspect it might be a tad more blue than your almost black Inglot. (Btw, the finish on that Inglot is awesome.)

D:) said...

Scandalous - RBL's strength is color selection, IMO. Formula - ehhhhhhhhhh.

Gilded - Agreed! Great for spring.

Licia - Everyone is talking about this top coat lately! I will have to get a bottle. Red bottle right?

mKat - I DO own it! I've only worn it as a pedi tho. It was fab. I could have done a dark blue jelly post as well. THAT IS HOW MANY DARK BLUES I OWN. ME is definitely worth getting your hands on. Remind me and I'll do a comparison swatch for ya. It is a jelly tho, so it is quite different from these 3.


kittytokaren said...

Maybe I'm on my own but I love the RBL formula. Dead Calm is one of my favs and lasts forever on me! *hides in a corner*

Grace said...

I've only heard good things about the RBL formula until now (basically that it was a little thick, but super pigmented and flowed nicely). I still wasn't shelling out $18 for one, though, and I live in NYC so I wouldn't even have to pay shipping... I could just go get some. That's just over my limit for a bottle of polish while I'm living on a grad student stipend (although, if I were to splurge, Dead Calm would be The One.)

rijaH said...

Starfish is actually great :D

D:) said...

K2K - I love the color, it just does not last on me at all. Must be a body chemistry thing because there can't be this much love when a bunch of people are saying it is chippy. It must work on a ton of people. Just my experience I guess. *shrugs bewildered*

Grace - Those descriptors are all true for Dead Calm! The mani just will not last on me.

rijaH - I think so too :)

mKat said...

@D:) I think I need more jellies in my life. I don't think I even knew what a jelly was until I started reading nail blogs. I am starting to believe they're my favourite polish finish.

And oh, you can post every blue you own. It's my favourite colour!

razberiswrl said...

I have no real love for blues (or nearly black anything, for realz, I'll just paint my nails black!!), so ... ignoring.

Starfish, on the other hand, ugg, makes me drool a little. I CANNOT spend that much on polish though (even on sale! My max is in the 4-5$ range). I wonder what would happen if I mix a ton of clear polish with Peachy Keen??? Maybe I'll have to do that and report back, huh?

PolishedSheep said...

Okay, after your post I'm not so sure if I really need RBL polishes - so perhaps you saved my a lot of money - thank you ;o) (but still: Dead Calm is so nice ...)

The Glitterati said...

razberiswrl: I've actually heard that FP's Peachy Keen is quite dupish for Starfish Patrick, except it's more opaque, so that might be a great idea. I was lemming Starfish Patrick so so hard, but Peachy Keen doesn't look all that awesome on me, so the lemming died. Mostly. Until I stare at pretty pictures again...

The Glitterati said...

Whoops, I mean FP's Ripe Peach is dupey. Peachy Keen is from ChG's spring release, and not at all similar. Sorry!

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