Friday, March 19, 2010

RBL polish comparisons - Square Pants & Teal

I'm finishing up all the RBLs I own today.

Square Pants

(4-5 coats - I can't quite remember)

This one actually has a very slight shimmer to it. Unfortunately, for any fans of this one out there - Square Pants got discontinued recently. I wore this as a mani quite some time ago (last summer) and, like the other RBLs from this mini-collection, it would not dry. But never mind all that, check the streakiness! 4 coats (at least) in and still?? Biissssh plz.


(3 coats)

I like this one more. 3 coats and it's much less streaky. And I think the yellow is a little more flattering. It's just really hard to pull off see through yellow w/out the mind going to places.



(2 coats)

OK. This is color win; it deserves all the praise it gets. But, ugh, I found it to be a chippy SOB. Still, I'm taken w/ this one because the color is so gorgeous. I found the coverage to be almost as good as Dead Calm but not quite. It needs two coats but you can almost get there w/ 1.

I'm surprised there aren't a ton of dark teals out there. Here are mine.

Nfu-Oh 570

(3 coats, middle finger is Teal)

Look at that bottle color! 3 coats and I'm no where near it. Plus this is a jelly, which Teal is most definitely not. Moving on.

StrangeBeautiful Vol1 and Vol3

(Index Vol 1 - 2 coats, Ring Vol 3 - 2 coats)

I think your favorite here comes down to a question of taste. All those colors are awesome. If you like a little more green to your turquoises go w/ Vol1, a little bluer go Teal, a little dusty go Vol3. And the application is universally decent w/ all three. Although, Teal is decidedly less thick. So Teal probably wins the application contest.

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't worn either of the SB teals as a NOTD yet. So I can't speak on that.

Kokomo and Teal win.


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Lucy said...

I'm not massively impressed by any of them :-(

Brooke said...

I think SquarePants a lot, although it is slightly sheer. 4 coats and still streaky is a pain though.

Skulda said...

Square Pants sells as a sheer on the site. Commenters suggest wearing a white underneath for less coats. I got it in a swap when I heard it was being discontinued. I'll try it out this weekend.

Piff said...

Lucy - Sighhhh me neither, but I like Teal despite the formula just not lasting on me.

Brooke - Agreed :/

Skulda - I'm always saying how much I like milky sheers. That's not my complaint. My complaint is streakiness.

mKat said...

Teal looks pretty on you... sucks about the formula. Have you tried buffing your nails and/or different top coats?

Anonymous said...

while i LOVE the names of these polishes, they seem too sheer for my tastes. and expensive.

Piff said...

mKat - I've tried a couple top coats w/ Recycle and w/ Dead Calm. Results w/ Recycle were both great, results w/ Dead Calm were both awful. It's probably body chemistry.

Lisa - Ya the Spongebob Collex is not for you if you hate VNL.

Stephanie said...

Hm. I don't really like SquarePants. I do absolutely love Starfish Patrick and I didn't have streaking or drying issues with mine. Teal looks lovely, but I'm more attracted to the Nfu Oh because I heart me a jelly.

Crystaliciousss said...

for a strange reason i am drawn to kokomo maybe because of the song?????

Cali369 said...

interesting comment about the chippiness of Teal - I'm wearing ONS by RBL and it's been very chippy (first time I've worn RBL as a full mani). I'm gonna try it with diff top and base coat next time to see if it improves.

Piff said...

Steph - Starfish Patrick is definitely the winner of the collex. Jellies are my fav too!

Crystal - I've heard of worse reasons to buy a polish!

Cali - I also hear that ONS is a one-coater/almost a one-coater so maybe we're on to something...

Arrianne said...

I'm glad I didn't get Square Pants when it was being discontinued. Definitely not worth it. It's weird how RBL formula can be bliss for some and miss for others. Oh see what I did there. Skillz.

gildedangel said...

Those look lovely!

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