Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RBL polish comparisons - Underwear & No More War

When I factor in price, I just am not feelin the RBL love save a couple colors.

I picked up 3 @ retail price last summer (the Spongebob Collex) and I picked up another 5 during the December sale.

I'm going to do a few posts featuring popular RBL colors and various alternatives.


(2 coats)

I hate this polish. It is thick as hell and doesn't level out. While you can achieve almost full coverage at 1 coat, it is totally ugly and uneven, necessitating 2. I can't decide if it's more like applying actual white out or a Konad Special Polish (which, my guess is, Underwear would rock as).

P.S. When I wore it as a NOTD, it chipped badly on 2 nails within 4-5 hours and then started peeling off in sheets as though it were born to do so. Whoever likes this polish can go to hell. *grump* *:P*

White Out - Wet 'n Wild

(2 coats)

The formula is definitely inferior to Underwear but it's 1 buck and the brush is easier to control IMO.

White Out - Orly

(2 coats)

My preferred stark white. It can't achieve opacity at 1 coat (unlike Underwear), but it retails for less than a third the price of an RBL and is actually better. It's shinier, thinner, and levels out fairly well for a stark white.

Anybody else have any holy grail stark whites? I hear decent things about OPI's Alpine Snow


No More War

(middle 2 coats, rest 1 coat)

This is one of the two polishes I *really* liked. I find that the contrast with my skin makes NMW a bit greener, which is great in my books! I don't have anything in my collection like it.

In terms of staying power, I found that the RBL colors that need 2 coats for opacity last way longer. This needed at least 2 coats and it still looked really good after 24 hours. Fan!

Dirty Green StrangeBeautiful Vol. 1

(No More War in the center)

StrangeBeautiful isn't a viable alternative to an RBL (or really any polish for that matter) since you have to spend 80 bucks to get a specific color you want. But hey, I have what I have.

Nfu-Oh #565

(Middle & Pinky #565 3 coats, Ring NMW 2 coats)

I searched my stash for a second alternative and this was the second closest color I found. And it's also not close at all. But it dried way darker on the nail than it looked in the bottle so I wasn't quite as off as it seems.

NMW applies way better and dries much faster than #565.

No More War wins battle of the dirty greens. Underwear loses (badly) in my battle of the stark whites.

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mKat said...

I've never tried to wear stark white over my entire nail. You're a brave lady! I'm not sure there's a stark white in existence that doesn't look like white out. I tend to keep my stark white for french manis, which, as I've gotten older, I've realized can be quite garish.

Having said that, I have in my stash Cover Girl's White Lace #30 and Sally Hansen w/ Teflon #08, both of which I've been happy with.

I bought these years ago, long before I attempted to go "cruelty free"...so yeah.

D:) said...

mKat - I find stark white gives me the same thrill a neon does. Just as tacky, loud, and 80s. Makes me happy, idk!

Anonymous said...

Zoya has a great stark white. I believe its called Snow White. I love it. Its smooth and glossy, not chalky and uneven like RBl. I'm very disappointed in my Rbl underwear

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I just threw out a Sally Hansen X-Treme in White Out...I hate it....I, too, am looking for a good white..might try the Zoya or OPI


mKat said...

D:) I wasn't judging. :) I've never worn a neon either. Maybe I'm just missing out?

D:) said...

Scandalous! THANK YOU! Putting it on my WL

D:) said...

mkat - omg you ARE missing out. they really are fun in the summer. lol i'll break out the white any time of year when i'm in a ~look at my nails~ mood.

bb said...

What about OCC Swamp Thing as a dupe for RBL No More War?

daydream222 said...

I too hated Underwear with a passion. It's impossible to apply and dries ugly. Ugh. I was so disappointed.

I have used OPI Alpine Snow a few times and like it. It's not perfect, requires at least 2 coats, but it applies easier and looks smoother/shinier than stupid Underwear. I want to try some sparkly whites, like the new ChG Cloud Nine (I think?), Orly Go Go and ChG Quick Silver (or whatever its name is).

Rebecca said...

Barry M has a lovely stark white, I love it.

gildedangel said...

Great comparisons!

Laura said...

I'm very happy with Sally Hansen All the White Stuff - it applies well and it's super stark white. I like to layer silver glitter over it.

D:) said...

yards - it's a toughy to find

bb - Yes! That one was definitely on my mind. Sadly, I don't own it.

Daydream - My white kwik slvr didn't look as good in person as it did in other photos. It was super sheer and really yellow-y. It looked kinda like a franken fail imo :/

Rebecca - DAMN U, UK!!!!

Laura - Do you know which Sally Hansen line it is?

d'Olivia said...

I have "Underwear". I'd rather NOT go to "grump", but I think I originally bought it as a brightener to go under other colors. I have a few RBL's, but none of them impress me so much to keep me going back. The cheaper brands seem just as good, unless there is an unusual color.

kittytokaren said...

I don't blame you for hating Underwear D....it does look like...yeah...a hot mess. I have Essie Blanc but I've only worn that under stuff or as a tip...I'll have to try it over the whole nail!

Glad you like NMW and can still find something nice to say about my precious RBL after the Underwear debacle! Hehe :) Although it would look like caca on me! hehe

Sakara said...

i love Barry M 's white polish two coats and its smooth and shiny...not glossy, but not matt either.

mKat said...

D:) have you ever frankened your own neon using pigments?

augusta said...

orly white out is my go to white, my only white polish actually.

Laura said...

I purchased my Sally Hansen All the White Stuff from Target - I guess it's under the Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer line? I don't know much about their collections.

D:) said...

d'Olivia - I have way too much anger for underwear.

k2k - I think the point is to look kind of like poop.

Sakara - 2nd Barry M mention! I have to get my hands on this polish!

Augusta - It's a decent one. Lucky you, I am staring at a drawer full of whites.

Laura - Thank you! :)

Arrianne said...

Yes! Fianlly someone agrees with me about NMW. NMW does look like caca. Diarrhea to be exact. :P

D:) said...

Arrianne - I find this a much closer poop color. http://lh4.ggpht.com/_iDhw0gV5u-k/S1E-OXMBcVI/AAAAAAAAFto/wiEYgIBXs8Y/IMG_5323.JPG

Arrianne said...

Yeah it is, but I still think NMW looks like shit.

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