Friday, April 16, 2010

Lippmann's Summer Colors 2010

Lippmann's PR folks sent me the summer shades for review.

There are no winners like in Spring 2010 (Waking Up in Vegas is really good). So I'm waiting to see Lippmann's Nordstrom set with baited. Breath. (omg I'm so excited.)


(4 coats)

I think that this is one of those perfect colors for summer that grabs attention without screaming for it (a la neons). A tomato-red, uber shiney jelly that is so bright it freaks my camera out. Unfortunately, because my camera was freaked out it couldn't pick up on how much VNL there really is. 4 coats and I was no where near opacity and I genuinely don't believe that opacity was meant to be achieved. According to her press release, Lippmann says that this polish was inspired by a hairstylist's fabulous pants. That's all well and good but I must know, how did his skin breathe under the see-through vinyl? Was it itchy? Did he blister? Sweat? Did it squeak when he walked? (I kid. Hopefully the pants were the same color but they weren't see-through plastic. If they were, I'm gonna need some pics of that.)

If you're cool w/ VNL or you layer this over an opaque nude or white, you actually get 2 colors in one polish. This polish applied super-smooth on the first coat. And on the first coat it was a lot more coral-y-red than orange-y red. I couldn't wear this one as a NOTD because between 4 thick coats and my usual David topcoat (i.e. not quick dry), the shit would NOT dry.

Between the Sheets

(2 coats - sorry folks, I had to seriously muck around w/ photoshop to get the color to look kind of right on screen. Another camera freak out.)

Application of this one was lovely. It was good in 2 even coats, and the polish was easily controlled. The wear was not as impressive as with Lippmann's Spring 2010 shades. I had a some tipwear within a day. Nothing outrageous, but it wasn't as great.

Seemingly, these were inspired by a pair of sexy bedroom shoes she didn't buy. Maybe it's just me but I'm partial to black when it comes to sex-shoes (do not assume that I'm actually partial to sex-shoes, however). I'm imagining Deb in some magenta feathered mules. Seems a little old school.

I'm not as crazy for this one as a summer color. It's reasonably bright, but it doesn't really scream summer to me. It also seems pretty dupe-y. Though no polish comes to mind. Ideas?

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Lucy said...

Ooh Between the Sheets looks great :-)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

They are both great colors. However, they just aren't doing anything for me. LOL to the sex shoes!

Brooke said...

I like Between the Sheets a lot!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

Both are on my list and they are FABULOUS!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Ok this is just in time. I was about to buy some Lippman polishes and couldn't decide on Between the Sheet. Thanks for the swatches.

Piff said...

Lucy, Brooke, ShortandSweet - it is a great pink!

LWfTT - I hear it. Lippmann has set my heart aflutter many times. Not here

NY - I'm glad to hear !!!

Jackie S. said...

"Between the sheets" is a beautiful raspberry color!

WizardsOfBling said...

Love between the sheets!

faerieberry said...

Oooh, these have priority on my wish list now. I was not impressed with the spring release, as I found them both gloopy and chalky. But these look like they are in the same jelly family as Call Me Irresponsible, which is my favorite from Lippmann. The shape of your nails are delightful. I try but can never seem to get the rounded corners right.

Have a beautiful weekend. :D

Piff said...

Jackie, Wizards - Glad you both like it :)

faerie - Thanks a ton! I think you might be pleased w/ Supermodel it applies just as beautifully as CMI did.

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