Thursday, April 15, 2010

Never haul online when you are craving a color

Otherwise you end up w/ a small Zoya order where 3 of the polishes are light pinks w/ shimmer.


(3 coats)

Pink w/ orange tones and silver shimmer.


(3 coats)

Cool pink w/ pink shimmer.


(3 coats)

Light pink w/ gold shimmer.

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Apaige2u said...

Those all look great on you! clearly you satisfied your appetite for pink shimmers!! :-)
Great mani!!

kittytokaren said...

Piff I love these on you!!! I'm totally looking for something like Cassi but a creme. Somehow I think it would look totally different on me though!! *Pines for darker skin* :(

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Hey! I think Maybelline Tropical Peach from the Colorama line is a dupe for that Zoya Cassi. Just wondering. I swatched it on my blog a while ago :P

chickadee1066 said...

Love all those, very pretty! I dislike ordering Zoyas online, as the finishes are so inconsistent. My fave pinks from them are Chloe, Maria, Caresse, and Felicity!

Lucy said...

I really like Erika - I'm trying to get relatively neutral-colours-with-a-twist for work.

milan and vanaily said...

Wait a minute, for some reason I always thought Barbie didn't have shimmer! Although the 3 colors are very nice!

B.Stone said...

I fretted for weeks trying to decide to get Mischa or Meadow, because they are SO CLOSE. I don't wear pinks, but for some reason the peachyness and the gold shimmer got me. Luckily you didn't swatch either of these because if I saw them on your brown skin I'd want them, now, too!

PolishMama said...

Erika looks so good on you!

Ice Queen said...

Oh, no! No! No! Why did I look at these swatches?!? Now I want these colours even more. :D

They all look great on you but I think that Erika best suits you. :)

WizardsOfBling said...

They are all gorgeous but Erica is the prettiest!

Heidi said...

(laughing) I seem to shop colors in multiples too. You did very well, all the colors look fabulous on you. I'm really digging Barbie for myself!

Piff said...

Apaig - Thanks!!! I did indeed

K2K - I can't think of anything off the top of my head! Sry!

Student - I checked your blog, Tropical Peach looks a bit more orange to me.

Chicka - That's so funny because Zoya is one of my preferred places because they offer such detailed descriptions!

Lucy - Erika is a beaut. Go for it!

Milan - Barbie has shimmer! It's also my fav of the three :)

B.Stone - LOL!!! Well I'm glad I haplessly saved you.

Ice - Thank you so much! (I think you might be right.)

Wizards - Glad you enjoyed :)

Heidi - Barbie definitely had the best formula of the three. Try it!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

They still look great, thanks for the warning!

Janice said...

Hi Piff! I love all of these!!! More lemmings created. I have a salon that carries many Zoyas so I'll have to check these out. Thanks for the swatches! ~SnapHappy

Piff said...

NY - Thanks :)

Janice - You should!

Justine said...

Ahhh, I know this feeling. I've been waffling between Zoya Jolie (warm) and Fiona (cool). They're so very similar!

I'm also deciding if I need Zoya Danielle and/or Zoya Ella. I'm such a sucker for convincing ad copy. Those descriptions always get to me.

And yes, my stash is devoid of sheer neutrals. Shopping for them is so much more difficult than shopping for saturated colors. With colors, I know almost immediately if I want them or not.

Piff said...

Justine - "Shopping for [sheer neutrals] is so much more difficult than shopping for saturated colors." 100% agree.

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