Saturday, April 10, 2010

NOTD: Lippmann's Waking Up in Vegas

(2 coats - taken after 2 days wear... NO signs of decay)

Sigh...taupes. A heartbreaking story of a trend I think is awesome but I can't wear at all. This one is from Lippmann's Spring 2010 collection, sent to me by the brand's PR folks.

I cannot find one that looks good on me. When I was in Bloomingdale's buying NARS Purple Rain I walked over to the Chanel counter and held up Particulière to my hand and I literally shuddered. Clash. City.

I had higher hopes for this one because it's much lighter and not quite as brown as most of the other taupes out there. I thought that would give me enough contrast. Too bad because the formula is really good. Amazing, the difference between this one and I'm Not Innocent. It's super pigmented and 2 coats was plenty. It dries a little bit darker than the bottle (which you can't tell from the photo - sorry!). It held up very well and I took it off after a couple days with no visible wear at all.

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R3Beauty said...

I love this color - but I am not a huge Lippman fan. I was so not impressed with the three I got - and haven't bought another since! Me & Taupes however get along great! It's the mint greens that are my nemesis!

rmcandlelight said...

I think taupes look great on brown skin. It looks fabulous on you imo :)

TropicalChrome said...

I'm sorry about taupe and really does look kind of ashy on you in the picture!

If it's any consolation, I have the same issue with mint greens - NONE of them work with my skin, they all make my finger tips look red and inflamed. I held Mint Candy Apple up to my skin and had the same reaction you had with Particuliere - oh, ick. It was awful.

Fortunately, there's always a new trend coming along!

Piff said...

R3 & Tropical - I guess everybody has their problem color!

rmc - thanks love! I remember our convo well. What can I say? I just think they clash on me. Your lovely nails could wear pretty much anything tho.

Rebekah said...

I kinda like it :)

I have awarded your lovely blog a sunshine award

Heidi said...

I know it's a matter of personal perception, but I think this color looks very good on you. I have yet to find a taupe that doesn't make me feel as though I have alien hands.

B.Stone said...

Hm, I actually think it looks flattering on you. All these putty taupes are great for me, because I adore greys, but they are normally too cool for my dark skintone.

Piff said...

Rebekah - Thanks!!!! I'll let flinty know.

Heidi - Thanks a ton. I guess it is a matter of taste. I definitely think this is one of the better ones one me. But I'm still no major fan.

B.Stone - Thank you! How do you think this one would look on you?

DancesWithHooves said...

I think that shade looks AWESOME on you!

Piff said...

Dances - eeek thanks :/

Anonymous said...

I know this is a long-overdue comment, but I just saw this post for the first time - and a great color for brown skin I've found that runs along the 'taupes' trend is China Glaze's Ingrid. I bought it on a hope and it actually is quite lovely on my skin (which is only a hair lighter than yours :)

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