Friday, April 9, 2010

Old swatches I haven't posted 2

I continue on w/ my swatch spring cleaning.

Zoya's Rihana & Hope

(3 coats Rihana, 2 coats Hope)

I remember buying Rihana. I labored, trying to decide between it, Blair and Colbie. I went with Rihana because I was worried how the other ones would look w/ my complexion. I went w/ the safe choice and it IS pretty. But.... idk.

China Glaze's Ruby Pumps

(coats unknown)

Now this one, I KNOW why I never posted. I think it's ugly on me and everyone else posts it too! Ah well. When doing a spring cleaning, one must clean out everything.

Essie's Catwalk

(coats unknown)

Ick nast. Not a fan.

My swatch closet is clean!

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cidell said...

I got Blair and Colbie and I probably could have skipped on both. I LOVE Ruby Pumps -- I'm sorry it didn't wori out for you.

Reina said...

Rihana and Hope are gorgeous! I need those in my life!

Piff said...

Cidell - Glad to hear I'm not missing much.

Reina - They're both great shimmers!

mKat said...

@Piff: You know how I feel about Ruby Pumps. I can see what you mean though... (but are you sure it isn't just the light?)

I think Rihana looks good on you. Reminds me of the Retro Diva collection colours from ChG.

Adrienne said...

i absolutely LOVE blair, it's a super pretty blackened red that is lit from within. Definitely prettier than Rihanna IMO

I know a did a NOTD with Blair... can't believe I never posted it!! I'm gonna have to make a post about it ASAP just to convince you that you're missing out!

littlem said...

I'm laughing because there is another company that makes a color as ... interesting as Catwalk, and I'm wearing it now. And I couldn't figure out why I hated it.

I still don't know why I do, but even if I don't know why, at least I know my instinctive dislike is perhaps not unreasonable. :-)

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