Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sephora by OPI Call Your Mother vs. Brucci Daniella's Curve

I was doing a stash cleanout and I thought I found a couple dupes.

I swatched them and they definitely are not. But IMO, if you don't have a gigantic stash, it's only worth owning one of them.

(2 coats each)

Both applied very nicely but I haven't done an actual mani w/ either of them yet. Though, I definitely like the Brucci better on me.

I think either are great work appropriate colors that wont make you hate life.

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Caitlin said...

I love Call your mother, it would look really great in the fall!

R3Beauty said...

I love both colors. I don't have either, but I always am tempted to get the Sephora by OPI color. I think I do have a few that are close enough though. Great post!

Lolitadewdrop said...

I agree with Caitlin. Call your mother looks fabulous. :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

LOL. Any kind of purple NP makes me love life. :) I think they both look great.

Piff said...

Caitlin, Lolita - True!

R3 - Thanks!

Lacquer - Team purple!

Justine said...

Love call your mother!

Grace said...

I have that Brucci polish and I love it in the bottle but it just doesn't work on my skin tone :( It's great on you, though. Brucci is one of my favorite brands. I just wish they came out with new colors more often.

Piff said...

Justine - me 2 :)

Grace - Totally agree. I'm almost always pleased w/ the quality and wish they would post up new ones more often

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