Friday, May 14, 2010


When I posted Studded a few people asked how it compared to OPI's SSitP Suede.

I just got some nail wheels in the mail so I thought I would try them out.

Left to Right: Zoya Harley (Matte TC), OPI SSitP Suede, Zoya Loredana, MAC Studded, Studded (TC), SSitP (TC), Loredana (TC), Harley (TC)

First, eschewing Zoya Harley: I thought it would be fun to see what it was like as a matte but it doesn't work. Ignore!

I put matte Loredana next to matte Studded and then shiny SSitP next to shiny Studded so you could see how both compare.

Loredana - Needs 3 coats.
Studded - Definitely needs 3 coats.
SSitP - If you're clumsy, you need 2 coats.

Dry time:
Loredana - Quick but you need to give yourself a few minutes.
Studded - This takes almost as long to dry as some of my regular polishes! Be careful.
SSitP - Lightning fast!

My favorite matte - Studded.
My favorite shiny - Loredana (it has pretty blue-green shimmer that is just lovely!)

Worst against my warm tone skin - I think Loredana. I think. Not sure.
Best against my warm tone skin - Definitely Studded.

Hope this helps!

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~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

<--- is sooooo distracted by the skyline. I miss the big city.
Is adding Zoya to her list for the recycle program. Gorgeous! I love that shimmer!

sonidlo said...

It´s pretty :)

Dori said...

i love the skyline in the background!! which city is it? is that the view from your home??

Piff said...

Elizabeth - Lol! That zoya is so great!

Sonidlo - Isn't It.

Dori - Lol it's my little corner of NYC. Ya it's from my balcony. The only place I get direct sunlight except the kitchen.

kittytokaren said...

i can't believe your pic of Studded from before got me to get it - before you even comped these! but now that you have im even happier with my decision - love it!! cant wait for it to arrive. thanks for I just have to think if I still want to keep SSitP just dries so fast but I prefer Studded's colour...thoughts? should I keep both?

Piff said...

Ya def - they're just so different. No reason to get rid SSitP if you like it!!!

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