Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damone Roberts, Orly Secret Admirer, & Diamond Cosmetics Hi Ho Silver

(2 coats)

I like this mint green. It's certainly my favorite of the few I have (Essie's Mint Candy Apple, Claire's Dream Catcher, BB Couture's Laguna Lagoon). There's isn't a hint of blue in it (which is my preference) and the application is OK. Although, it got a little bit glue-y on the second coat. Still, after applying and slapping on a healthy coat of TC I was good to go.

Warm-toned girls, this mint is for you.

(Bottom 2 fingers = 2 coats)

I picked up another Orly milky sheer. I am so happy with Orly right now. YES the color is gross when it is sheer but the soft orange works on me when I build it. Further, look at the 2 coats. Look at how not horribly streaky it is! It IS possible to have a milky sheer that doesn't look like garbage at less than 4 coats. At this point, as far as I'm concerned, anybody that charges more than Orly but can't achieve this level on non-streakiness for a milky sheer is just ripping me off.

(2 coats)

I swatched this once and threw it in my swap pile. Crazy crazy silly silly me. I pulled it back out and reswatched. It's REALLY brushstrokey but what a great color!

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Ping said...

Love the mint green; great color!

aaminahs mom said...

diamond hi ho silver is a great nail color! it really grows on you- i originally bought it for me then i was undecided so i gave it to my daughter then i was like wtf??? and i ended up getting a bottle for me cause she was'nt giving it back :)

Bunny Masseuse said...

The secret admirer just never looked good on me but it suits you much better!

Audrey said...

LOVE the Diamone on you!! Haven't tried mine yet - but due to be awatched real sonn!!


Jessica said...

Damon Roberts..love at first sight. I'm glad I picked it up this time.

Piff said...

Ping, Audrey - Thanks!

Aaminahs - Ha! At least it's just 2 bucks right?

Bunny - It's a very tough color to pull off. Very tough. I'm barely doing it.

Jessica - Yes, me too.

augusta said...

i own dreamcatcher too, i like its orange creamsicle goodness!
i keep putting off buying DR1968, i need to get on that.

Piff said...

Augusta - Yours is orange???? Get on it before it goes!

augusta said...

its orange-ish..i usually wear it with four coats, so it usually looks like this:


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