Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Misa Forbidden Lust and Color Club Groove Thang

(2 coats)

I am a SUCKER for any shimmery medium-purple. But this is eh for me. Not sure why. It even leans red, which is my preference. AND it glows like a fiend. idk idk. It's gorgeous but ijdk!

(2 coats)

The sound you hear is me deciding to get off my ass and do a swatch post of my favorite almost-blacks. They are the shunned by mainstream nail polish afficionados but I embrace them. I hold them tight, rocking back and forth, and whisper to them heartening words of encouragement. "We shall overcome. We shall overcome."

Seriously people. How. Can. You. Not.

(It's a dark purple with shimmer if you can't tell. You oppressor.)

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Ashley A. said...

Mmmmm, Forbidden Lust looks delicious.

Jessica said...

Forbidden Lust is stunning! I don't know if Ive ever seen that color. I have CC Groove Thang but I haven't wore it yet but my goodness that Misa is beautiful!

jaljen said...

Forbidden Lust is not doing it for you? Are you unwell? ;o)

Jamie K. said...

HAHAHA love ur post :D

Piff said...

Ashley, Jessica - It is so pretty! And like I said, really really glowy!

Jal - I'm crazy. But I don't lust for Forbidden Lust. I can't explain it.

Jamie - thx luv

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

I think both of them are beautiful. I need to pull forbitton lust out of my untrieds :)

Rebecca said...

Haha, this post made me laugh! I am teh evilz oppressor!

Piff said...

RMC - It would look amazing on you!

Rebecca - *shakes fist at you*

zuzu said...

purpple purple!!! Love it!


R CH said...

Well, first off: I love your nails. They look like I'd mine would look like.

Second I'm with you. Team "almost blacks". About 80% of my stash are colors like Groove Thang, Catwalk Queen, Midnight Ride, Who are you wearing, and so on. So deep, s interesting colors.

As for the Misa, I still haven't tried it after a year, so I guess I agree with you on that one too. Awesome.

Piff said...

Zuzu - purple is the BEST

RCH - Thanks so much. You know when I first joined this blog, an anonymous commenter said some not so nice things about my nails. Instead of getting royally pissed (which I think was within my rights) I just found the constructive criticism in the cattiness. My point is that my nails used to be not so hot either. So if I can do it, ANYONE CAN.

I'm glad I have an almost-black buddy!

B.Stone said...

"If you can't tell" says it all! Even if the color is GORGE I have to get out a flashlight and a magnifying glass to see it, indoors! SMH That stuff is not for me. My darkest polish is CC Catwalk Queen, or WnW Midnight Prowl. I gotta have something to look at!


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