Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nude for a black girl

This is the closest I have come to finding a polish that matches my skin color. You know...I don't mind it ON ME, but my skin color is kind of uggs in a bottle. So I've had a tough go of finding a close match. Nobody is really making the color.

Brown Bag

(1 coat)

It's not perfect but it's close. The subtle shimmer isn't ideal but I cannot complain about the excellent coverage!

I'm waiting on a couple polish deliveries where my fingers are crossed that I get even closer.

There's been a lot of trial and error to get here. There have been those that were too orange, too red, and too brown. I finally found a yellow brown to match my NC42 skin.

In other news - GASP! My purple/pink helmer drawer is almost full.

I make myself sick.

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Faith J. said...

I like that color on you! Great find.

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

Great color!

jaljen said...

Multiply 12 x 8 and you get 96. So nearly 100 purples and pinks!! I am so envious!

The Mac looks great. I love the slight pink shimmer.

Colette said...

LOL, if it makes you feel any better, I have more than a Helmer drawer's-worth of JUST purple. Only color so far residing in 2 =)

Theallamenta said...

It's completely Off Topic but... I'm badly looking for a Claire's mood changing nail polish (no matter what shade).
Would you like to make a swap, or would you mind to sell it to me? Here I can't find them and I want one of them so bad! :(
Many thanks

cidell said...

I would have bought it for the name / theme alone. I'm still looking for my matching shade. So far, everything has too much red. This, looks adorable.

Piff said...

Faith, NY - Thanks! I'm pleased.

Jal - That sounds about right. Ugh.

Colette - Purple is THE BEST nail polish color (close second, turquoise and its siblings)

Thealla - I don't own a SINGLE ONE. Have you tried initiating a swap on makeupalley?????

Cidell - They're hard to find! I was close to just trying to franken my own.

Rebecca said...

Good colour! It looks really good on you...I don't imagine it would look good on my skin tone though. I need a helmer for my stash!

Sandi said...

OK, I think I'm confused between nude and mannequin. I thought nude was supposed to look like your bare nail but better and mannequin was when you made your nails match your skin tone rather than the natural color of your nails. Can someone 'splain the difference for me?

Piff said...

Rebecca - Thanks! Get one! They're so compact and easy. Glad I have mine.

Sandi - I guess I'm confused too! I thought "mannequin hands" was just more ~politically correct~??? I have no idea to be frank. Ask the NB!

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