Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off the beaten path Neons (Sonic Bloom and Cream Pink)

Sonic Bloom from Sally Hansen

(2 coats)

OK so this one isn't exactly a neon so much as it is very bright and difficult to photograph. LOVE this polish tho, it applied beautifully (almost a 1 coater) and dried shiny and quickly.

Cream Pink from Sinful Colors

(2 coats)

Neon pink (yes it dries kinda matte) with gold shimmer? Yes please!

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jaljen said...

Cream Pink sounds so boring but it's not! Like it.

Ping said...

awesome colors! cream pink kind of reminds me of strawberry fields from china glaze

Caitlin said...

Ohhh, i'm loving the Sinful colors shade!

Mocha Mish Mash said...

Love Sonic Boom!

R3Beauty said...

I like them both - I am not a huge fan of either brand, but I might give that sinful a try.

Piff said...

Jaljen - lol! Glad to hear it.

Ping - I can see that :)

Caitlin - It's REALLY fun

Mocha - Me too! I was initially turned off by the Insta-Dri brand because of that rectangle brush and the fact that I bought Lightening (the worst formula EVER), but man if they're all like this??? Color me impressed.

R3 - How do you go wrong w/ 3 bucks?

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