Thursday, June 3, 2010

My favorite almost-blacks

As promised (or perhaps "threatened" depending on how you feel about almost-blacks) here is a post featuring my favorites. Some swatches are new others have been posted before:

Groove Thang

(2 coats)


(2 coats)

Midnight Ride

(1 coat)

Cherry Tobacco

(1 coat)


(2-3 coats - I don't remember)

Love the flakey glitter in this one. Ugh.


(3 coats)


(3 coats)

Um espresso JELLY? Um Ya. Yes.

You know what, you guys? It's fine that you don't like almost-blacks. More for me.

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rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Oh yes I like almost blacks. Too bad I can't get hold of those inglots :)

Faith J. said...

I like almost blacks! I have OPI Midnight in Moscow, a shiny purplish-black. I love it.

jaljen said...

I like Cherry Tobacco precisely because it isn't nearly black!!!

Kittyluvscolor said...

I luv almost/near blacks! thanks for this post. it's a cool idea.

Audrey said...

They all look fabulous on you!! Just Fabulous!!

You can't have all the almost black - cause now that I'm sporting these shawties - I'll be wearing more of them too!! So, there!!

Adrienne said...

Looooooove Maneater!!!!! :)

Is it bad that I hate nail poilshes that look black?????? I absolutely hate them and try not to buy them. Only stuck with two or three of them so far, which is good considering i have 200+ np!!

Piff said...

RMC - Come visit NYC! We can get pedis together too :)

Faith - oooo MoM is a lovely one

Jaljen - Lol maybe it's on the halfway point.

Kitty - Thanks! :)

Audrey - Ooh thank you! Short nails will set you freeeeeeee

Adrienne - isn't it AMAZING??? Yes it is a travesty that you don't like almost-blacks.

R CH said...

Oh I love them, I love them. Midnight ride, Groove thang, DS Mystery, the purple Inglot. So pretty. You have gorgeous nails. I wish mine looked like yours!

Jessica said...

Cherry Tobacco is beautiful!

Nicole said...

I love all of these, SO hot! I just love the vampies. I'll take 'em all, any time! I haven't any Inglots, but I'm lusting after these - and Maneater is a STUNNER.

Blanka said...

inglot 710 is perfect!
my fav almost black is opi give me moor, try that one :)

Piff said...

R CH - Bwahahah a fellow goth-ite. Thank you!! Something tells me you like purple lol :)

Jessica - It is my favorite DC!

Nicole - Maneater is the BEST

Blanka - I TOTALLY agree. I think it's my favorite polish. period. I will try it Give Me Moor!

Darlene said...

Out of all of them Lippman Maneater is my favorite! WOW really like that one :)

The Polish Hoochie said...

Ow pretty! I love them all. I totally am a black polish junkie and love ones with variations and ones that are 'almost black' like this.

Kimberly said...

I love the vampires too...very goth. And for the most part, save for some jewelry, the goth is gone. When older women do goth, they just look like an old crone. bummer

Piff said...

Darlene - It is such a beauty. Lippmann rocks the jellies.

Polish Hoochie - I'm so glad to find fellow a-b lovers

Kimberly - Psh! Disagree! My mom rocks the almost-blacks w/ the best of em!

pretty said...

ooh i like 852 inglot!

Elaine said...

If you like Nars, they have their "Night Series" set - you might enjoy a couple of them. I just got them and they are great!

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