Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My recent franken efforts

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***

I wanted a little family of darkened jelly glitters. China Glaze does these so well, but a couple of them are very wrong for my skin tone (Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who) so I thought I would attempt my own.


(2 coats - forgive the tear plz)

2 Parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part random red jelly, 1 part Color Club Tru Passion.


(3 coats)

2 parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part Sation silver glitter, 2 parts Color Club Sexy Siren.


(2 coats)

2 parts A! Raisin, 1 part random red jelly (this was a mistake), 1 part Color Club Art of Seduction (this should have been 2 parts instead of 1 part red jelly), couple dollops gold glitter (wish there was more).


(2 coats)

So sad about this one. Wanted it to be much more teal than it ended up. For whatever reason, the green completely overpowers the blue despite there being pretty much equal parts of each in there.

1 part Nfu-Oh 569, 1 part Brucci Black+Blue, 1 part Sexy Siren, 1 part Object of Envy.

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***

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jaljen said...

They all look very commercial to me. These would SELL!

Steffie said...

Beautiful. I would buy them.

OH MY POLISH! said...

So beautiful! I love all the colors! especially the red and teal! looks great!

I'm new on the polish blogging block: :)

tasha~ said...

Ohhh that teal color is amazing! You did a great job!!!!

paintedbluestars said...

I agree I love these...I don't own ruby pumps( for some unknown reason) and I would gladly wear the franken it looks just as gorgeous if not more sparkly:)

good job!

Adrienne said...

i LOVE the red one on you!!!!!

BTW Whered you get the mini bottles and how are the mini brushes on them?

Grace said...

I am not big wearer of glittery polish, but that teal franken is gorgeous!

Brucci black and blue is such an awesome polish. I don't have that many true navy polishes, but I definitely prefer the Brucci to Color Club's Naughty-cal Navy. Why doesn't this brand have a wider distribution??? What will I do when I leave NYC and don't have access to duane reade?

Piff said...

Jaljen, Steffie, Oh My - Thank you!

Tasha - I wish it had been a bit bluer but I'm glad you like it!

Painted - If you're warm toned I would avoid RP

Adrienne - I got them from TD and I think the brushes are pretty good! They flatten nicely.

Grace - I find that I don't find the real Brucci gems from Duane Reade anyway but random beauty shops! Stop being so HTG, Brucci!

Kara said...

I like the teal/green one the best, green overpowering the blue or not! Too bad I don't have access to Brucci...I'm definitly not in the New York area...actually, too bad I don't have any of those polishes!

pretty said...

wow! I'm loving these frankens... the red is my fav on you.. it really looks good! but i love them all

R3Beauty said...

Great Frankens! I did some holo frankens last night. Debating on posting them. Let's see what happens.

Rebekah said...

These are gorgeous! I'm just starting to venture into frankening. I'm going to make a go at the teal and purple. Thanks for sharing these. :)

ThRiSzHa said...

love them

augusta said...

i love the red!

Piff said...

Kara - These are all pretty basic colors! You can find versions of them everywhere!

Pretty and Augusta - Thanks! I'm so surprised that the red has stood out.

Rebekah - My pleasure :)

R3 & ThRis - Thanks!

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