Sunday, June 20, 2010

StrangeBeautiful Volume 4 the 1 coaters

I am a weak SOB and I bought StrangeBeautiful's latest volume. Full price.

Thankfully I was rewarded with an improved formula and great, though a little less strange than expected, color selection.

I thought SB's latest effort was especially impressive because there were so many 1 coaters (unlike the past 3 volumes where there was 1 or maybe 2). I also thought that dry time was much improved.

I've worn every one of these as a NOTD; the staying power is pretty good. The only draw back is that I find the polishes don't level as well as I would like. But all in all I'm happy.

As usual, I'm breaking this up into 2 posts. In this one I feature the 1 coaters.


(1 coat)

This is a very true blue in person. I find that on my mac (firefox) there is the slightest, slightest hint of green. That is absolutely not the case in person.


(1 coat)

Slightly dusty, this teal leans green (in photos and in person - heh).


(1 coat)

I did not enjoy how this one looked on me. I quickly konaded it with white houndstooth. I wore it 3 days in a row with no chipping.


(1 coat)

This one ended up reddening a touch once it dried, which made it quite a bit more boring.

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Tilly said...

Ooooh. Would love to see a pic of the orange houndstooth konad. I love the blue on you.

Heidi said...

Totally agree with Tilly; you rock that blue. I'm not too sure about the orange, but the others look so awesome. I *might* need these myself...

Ping said...

Awesome! Love all the colors. For some reason, I really dig the orange one even though it looks like it'd look bad on me, haha.

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

I love them all. I want one of these volumes and haven't purchased yet :)

Aurora's Nails said...

I like that the colors are kind of muted...bright but not "Crazy." Nice swatches!

ReaderRita said...

MUST HAVE the blue and the teal, seriously- those are gorgeous. SB still sells them only in "volumes", and not individually, right?
Also, great to hear about the wear time- really good info- thank you.
Beautiful pix, btw...!

Piff said...

Tilly - Lol I never take a pic of my konads cause they're usually done to save a mani.

Heidi - Thank ya! If there was a volume to get, I dare say it would be this one.

Pink - Orange totally does that to me, I lust after it, but I always, always hate it on myself.

RMC - Get this one girl.

Aurora - SB does dusty colors best imo. Thanks!

ReaderR - I think they sell them in pairs as well but none from this collex unfortunately.

Nailspotting said...

Oh, the teal one is very pretty. Just what I was looking for, just a little dusty. Looks very good on you!

chickadee1066 said...

The orange one looks like butterscotch to me. It's making me hungry LOL

Piff said...

Nailspot - Thanks!

Chick - I agree mmmmmm

pretty said...

what!! what do u mean u don't like the orange.. !!I've been looking for a color like that forever! it's soo awesome on you.. and all of them! my fav is the teal and orange

Arrianne said...

I so wish that these could be purchased individually. I don't think I can cave on these.

Piff said...

Pretty - lol i'm cracking up.

Arrianne - I hear ya. I also think her packaging for sets of two has been, to date, annoying.

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