Wednesday, June 23, 2010

StrangeBeautiful Volume 4 the multi-coaters

This post is Part 2 of two posts (Part 1) featuring the latest StrangeBeautiful volume.


(2 coats)

This volume's red is very orange-y. Finish on this one was jellyish.


(3 coats)

The photo is weird for this one. Bottle color is much more yellow in person. However, the nail color in the photo matches my reality. I have nothing even close to a dupe for this one. It's a fun color, but I think it's for the pale, Nicole-Kidman-See-Through women of the world (actually it very much reminds me of that rockin dress she wore a million years ago to the Oscars). Anyway, white ladies, enjoy this one on my behalf please.

Finish on this one was even more jellyish.

Putty 1 and 2

(2 coats each)

I put these on and my jaw dropped. Not one but TWO taupes that look good on me? GTFO of here. Awesome.

What makes these different? They strike that perfect balance of not being too brown (i.e. not clashing with my skin like Chanel's Particulière) but not being too grey either (i.e. not making me look yellow like Lippmann's Waking Up in Vegas). In fact, I put them on and noted that they both have a touch of yellow (maybe it's green) in them. Whatever it is, it works. And I'm thrilled. I even got several compliments when I rocked the lighter one.

I thought the wear was great but both could have leveled a little bit better. (I'm pretty much looking for perfection when you force me to pay $80 for nail polish.)

Now, I have to say, clearly Jane (creator of StrangeBeautiful) thinks this color point is the strangest, most beautifullest of them all because, with these two, that makes 5 across the 3 latest volumes. Kinda pushing it imo.

One Note: With every volume released, there seems to be confusion with the colors. People pop up on the NB frequently, saying that their volume's colors don't match those promo'd on other blogs (or even pr pictures), that some bottles in a volume have stickers on the bottom and some do not, and so on. I have been lucky enough that all my packages have been correct. All of my bottles have labels, and there are no repeats among my 4 volumes. This does not, however, seem to be the case for everyone. I would be pissed beyond measure to plunk down $80 bucks and find that the volume I was expecting was not as advertised. StrangeBeautiful would do well to either get its quality control in order or start naming (or at least numbering) their colors so we can all have an easier time keeping track of our collections.

That's it! Can't wait for vol 5!

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KarenD said...

I've so far resisted buying any of the volumes, but boy do some of these colors look good.

Piff said...

I was resisting them perfectly fine until my BFF bought me a volume as a birthday present. That opened the floodgates, had to own them ALLLLLL

Jackie S. said...

Such interesting colors, very original!

mKat said...

That darker taupe is INCREDIBLE... looks great!

Aurora's Nails said...'s so ugly that I actually really like it, if that makes sense. I would definitely wear that one!

Piff said...

Jackie - That is the SB calling card.

mKat - It's nice isn't it?

Aurora - I totally hear it!

augusta said...

i like the light taupe on you. i haven't really jumped onto the taupe/mushroom grey bandwagon because alot of those colors look weird on me. if there is a light taupe like the one you sporting, i'd but it.

i actually like the chartreuse too.

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