Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Universo's Verde Bandeira

Zomg it's love. IT'S LOVE!

(3 coats)

Omg you guys I'm crying. I'M CRYING. I think it's like NYS's Amaranth except a little lime-y-er, a little brighter (I'm too lazy to swatch and be sure though). I can't. I cannot do this. I'm throwing everything else away because this is the best thing ever.

Oh FYI - That pic? DAY THREE. It does not stop going!

One of my great friends, and world's best public defender, went on vacation to Brazil and brought me back this and a glitter.

Draw back? VNL.

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jaljen said...

I a
have been trying so hard to find Amaranth but no luck in the UK.

jaljen said...

I have (what's the matter with my typing???) ....

Fernanda Trapp said...

Very surprising to see this brand in your blog! This color is from a past colection, now their polishes are more pigmented. If you want more of this brand or other brazilian ones I'd be happy to swap some (be aware their are not B3F). Hugs.

Sarah B. said...

What does VNL stands for ?
Just curious :)

mKat said...

It seems oddly appropriate for the last day of the World Cup. (I don't know why). :P

Zara said...

Wow...what a lovely color. My nails are fairly short, so VNL wouldn't be too troublesome.

Oh, and for Sarah B., VNL = visible nail line.

rmcandlelight said...

It's gorgeous!!

tasha~ said...

I wonder how this compares to Essies Pretty Edgy?? No VNL with that one!

Piff said...

Jal - Amaranth is a hard one to get! even in the US these days...

Fernanda - Thanks for the offer! When I visited Brazil a few years back, I saw this brand everywhere. They seemed mostly low budget. I remember I picked up a few nudes when I was over there. No idea where they've gotten to now. Anyway - I'm mostly taken by this color! Lovely. Thanks for the offer! (And I figured they weren't B3F - nothing has this good wear at such a cheap price unless it is chemical city)

Sarah - Zara answered for me! (Visible nail line. It's when you can see the free edge of your nail through the nail color.)

mKat - True!

Zara - Isn't it great? It's like Amaranth but w/ more kick.

RMC - thanks!

Tasha - Ugh I saw Pretty Edgy in a salon the other day and understood the hype. It's gorg in person! I think is a bit brighter tho. Also this is definitely a jelly unlike P.E. (a creme).

Nicole said...

OH EM GEE that is perfection, I want it!!

Sarah B. said...

Ahhh thank you! I spent hours trying to figure out lol!

Have you tried wearing a coat of nude or sheer white polish underneath? It helps a lot.

And most brazilian polishes have very good wear,up to 7 days mostly. But they do have the B3. Except for Colorama, it is a common drugstore brand, and it has less color variety than Big Universo but still has very good wear.

We do not have "salon" nail polishes over here. Only the mainstream or cheaper drugstore brands.

FelixCatus said...

Big Universo is both cheap and very good. On the other hand, China Glaze and OPI cost about 15 times more.

Adri * Consultora Mary Kay e Yes! said...

Oiiii .... muito linda esta cor!!!!! Além da Big vc já conhece os esmaltes da Hits?!!!! São excelentes!!!!!

Paillette said...

This reminds me a lot of Diamond Cosmetic Froggy.
That's my favorite green right now.

Fernanda Trapp said...

Most brands are not B3F in Brazil.
This green is darker than pretty edgy. : ) Hugs.

Piff said...

Nicole - Isn't it great? So cheery.

Sarah - No problem. So you guys don't get OPI or China Glaze? Unfortunate.

Felix - FIFTEEN TIMES! Wow - this is some cheap joy.

Adri - Estou feliz que você gosta esta foto!

Pailette - DC is

Fernanda - Oh that's interesting to know! And thanks for the PE comparison!

Isabel Leite said...

If you are throwing everything else away, please, throw to me. :P
And I promisse send you a lot of beautiful brazilian greens. :)

Lucy said...

What a yummy shade of green. I think you've lost your mind if you want to throw out all your polishes! I'm sure there are lots of people ready with their catcher mitts.

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