Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NOTD: SB2 Purple + Matte Top Coat

Have you seen a less summer-y manicure in your life?

Ah well. Idk - I was in the mood.

(2 coats color - 1 coat Matte Top)

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Zara said...

Very pretty! And I don't care if it's not summery...I am so ready for fall!

amusedPolish said...

I really like it :)

Where'd you buy/get it?

jaljen said...

Oo, I like this. It's more satin than matte.

Michelle said...

I've seen less summery manicures, yes! Most of the time I grab the darker colours, doesn't matter which season I'm in haha. It looks really nice!

Neya said...

That top coat looks good. I use E.L.F. Matte top coat and it makes the shiniest polish very matte, sometimes too much so.

rmcandlelight said...

idk. Let's see how it looks with a shiny topcoat :)

Piff said...

Zara - I must be too. I keep going for the darks these days!

amused - The matte top? Online etailer, some time ago I think.

jaljen - It is. I'm glad I have a very matte top coat (MAY) and a satin matte.

Michelle - thanks so much :)

Neya - The problem I have with my very matte top coat is that it now dries with white specs.

rmc - lol u

amusedPolish said...

oops- should've been more precise, I meant the sb2 polish ^^

Anonymous said...

It's very nice. I'm a darker colors type of girl, even though I'm reaching for the summery ones right now. You gave an idea for a mani. By the waym gorgeous nails and shape! *jealous*

Piff said...

amused - I bought it at Bergdorf's but I think you can get it at lucky scent.

CR - Thanks so much!

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