Friday, July 16, 2010

Sparkly Goodness

My friend brought me a couple polishes from Brazil (one of which I've already shown you).

Impala - Lagoa Azul

(3 coats)

This type of polish isn't my taste at all. But I recognize an amazing layering polish when I see it. It doesn't just have the holo glitter in it. It has a shimmer that flashes from very soft pink to soft gold.




In case that was a little boring for you, here's instant classic Charla

(forget the coats)

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Sarah B. said...

I never Understood why that polish is called Lagoa Azul ( Blue Lagoon ) because it isn't blue at all!!! Did your friend got you "Splash" as well? I think you have found that one prettier :)

Steffie said...

Love them both. Drooling over the Zoya. XD

peripatetic33 said...

oh i love the brazilian one reminds me of my faovrite top coat Maybelline express fairy pretty

Fernanda Trapp said...

This Lagoa Azul was first sold here as holographic, can you beleieve that?!

Piff said...

Sarah - Wow! What a weird name to give it. It is most definitely green. Sadly, no. My friend only brought me this and the Big Universo.

Steffie - Charla = Instant Classic

peri - Maybelline has such gems.

Fernanda - lmao! really? It's pretty enough, but calling it a holographic polish is a big stretch.

extraH said...

Charla is to die for, and I kick my own butt everyday for not getting it during my Zoya Exchange! What was I thinking? It looks so lovely!

Piff said...

extra - it would have been one of the first ones I got!

It really is wonderful, and much more opaque than Catch Me In Your Net.

Jen said...

Ooh they're both pretty!

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