Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lippmann's Latest Trio 2 of 3, Essie's Limited Addiction

Some Enchanted Evening

(2 coats over Essie's Limited Addiction)

A couple months ago Lippmann had a brief sale celebrating Happy Birthday as her best selling polish ever. I'm a major Lippmann fan, but Happy Birthday is not one of my favorites. It's just not my taste. Though, I get why people like it.

Lippmann, being the smart business woman she is, stuck with the dense hex glitter thing for almost all of her summer releases. (Much to my dismay, to be honest, I'm not so crazy about them.)

I layered Some Enchanted Evening over Essie's Limited Addiction. I tried to do a gradient thing where there was heavier glitter at the base of the nail but it wasn't as dramatic as I was hoping.

(2 coats)

Now Limited Addiction, I LOVE. Sadly, it made my camera freak out a bit. The color isn't right (it's a good bit darker irl). I love bright reds but they're hard to wear without looking awful (cherry reds) or tacky (tomato reds) on me. It's the brown skin. Limited Addiction is great for me because it's a bit darker but still quite vivid. So I get that wonderful vixen-y feeling when I wear it (3 times now - definitely getting a full bottle when I can) but I still feel chic.

The formula doesn't match the color however. It gets a little thick and goopy on the second coat. Oh well! I'm still happy.

Lady Sings the Blues

(2 coats)

The glitter might pop a little more than you're used to with this polish. That's because this ingenious post (via Nihrida) solves that problem...soak a cotton pad in acetone and gently wipe across the top. Voila! It took me a couple tries. Gently wiping is key. I pulled the polish clean off my nail the first time I tried!

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Ruthlessrocks said...

Nordie's doesn't ship nail polish to Canada. I will so buy those from you, non glitter lover (but appreciator from afar) because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and I cannot get a hold of them in Canada. It's like a physical pain that won't go away!

Aurora's Nails said...

Pretty pretty I love those!

Adrienne said...

*is slow* Why did you use the acetone??? to remove?? make it blingier?

Lucy said...

I bought this set. Love Lady Sings the Blues. Haven't tried the other two yet. I think Deborah Lippmann must've bought the worlds supply of hexagon glitters. Guess it will show up more and more in her polishes.

Piff said...

Ruth - lol I still *have* to keep 'em, that's the polish obsessor in me.

Aurora - Glad to hear it!

Adrienne - That's right. Everyone's major complaint with LStB is that it is a creme base as opposed to a jelly base so the glitter doesn't bling and is just kind of cloudy. To at least reveal the top layer of glitter I pull off a thin layer of the polish and let it sparkle. :)

Lucy - Lol I hear ya. The wishful thinker in me kind of hopes she gets sick of it but that seems unlikely at this point.

Ruthlessrocks said...

I am the same way!! I have no desire to sell or swap any of my (hundreds) polishes. Don't feel badly for me, I ended up tracking down a high end salon in Toronto that will ship the trio and the two new glitters to me when they receive their stock. It makes me feel warm and happy-and a trifle OCD.

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